Most relevant dates of the 25 years of the WTO

Most relevant dates of the 25 years of the WTO

The World Trade Organization (WTO), a multilateral instrument that regulates international trade, celebrates its 25th anniversary on April 15.

These are the most relevant dates of the WTO:

– April 15, 1994. The founding act of the WTO, following the conclusion of the negotiations of the Uruguay Round for the liberalization of world trade (Marrakesh Agreements), is signed in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

– January 1, 1995. The WTO is constituted in Geneva (Switzerland), after ratification with the ratification of 76 of the 124 countries that approved it.

– 1996. The first WTO Conference is held in the city-state of Singapore.

– 1997. The WTO approves the liberalization of telecommunications and financial services.

– 2001. The WTO promotes the Doha Round, a forum to improve trade in developing countries. It holds its first conference in the homonymous city of Qatar.

– 2001. China officially enters the WTO, after 15 years of meetings.

– 2008. The negotiations to relaunch the Doha Round fail because the countries do not reconcile their positions on the issue of agriculture.

– 2012. Russia officially enters the WTO after 18 years of negotiations.

– 2012. The banana war between Latin American producers and the European Union (EU), one of the longest disputes in the trading system, ends with agreement in the WTO.

– 2013. The Brazilian diplomat Roberto Azevedo replaces the French Pascal Lamy as the head of the WTO.

– 2016. The WTO reaches the 164 member countries, after the accession of Liberia and Afghanistan.

– 2017. The Conference held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the most recent of the 11 summits, concludes without agreements.

– April 2019. The WTO reaches its 25th anniversary amid the threat of protectionist tensions such as the tariff war between the United States and China and the situation in which the United Kingdom will remain, if its rupture with the EU or "brexit" is consummated if He leaves the European club without an exit agreement approved by his parliament.


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