May 14, 2021

Most imported cases of COVID-19 in Bolivia are from Spain

Most of the coronavirus cases that are considered imported into Bolivia correspond to carriers of the virus from Spain, according to a report by the Bolivian interim government.

Bolivia reports 27 deaths and 330 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 38 of them imported from other countries, according to a report presented to the media this Monday in La Paz by the country’s interim minister of Health, Marcelo Navajas.

The acting minister, in his first appearance after being appointed last week, presented a National Health Strategy in Response to Covid-19, in whose document it is shown that of those 38 imported cases, 15 come from Spain.

The rest are five from the United States, four from Italy, three from Chile, two in each case from Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic and one from France, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina.

Bolivian authorities have previously reported cases from countries in the Americas and Europe, but without detailing the number per nation, while the rest of the positives are considered local infections.

These previous reports showed the cases of people from countries like Spain, both on direct flights from Madrid and with stops at airports in America, which later tested positive in Bolivia.

The interim government later decreed the closure of airspace and borders, among the measures to control the disease, by declaring a state of sanitary emergency in the country.

The declaration covers in principle until next Wednesday, April 15, although more and more voices are warning that it can be extended at least until the end of the month, waiting for this to be decided at a meeting of the Government cabinet scheduled for this Tuesday.

Some regional governments and municipal mayors have already announced that they intend to extend the quarantine beyond that date, understanding that there is still a risk that the disease will spread.

In Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia and the one most affected by coronavirus, a special deployment of the military is scheduled for this Tuesday due to the failure to comply with measures such as the prohibition to go out.


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