Most accessible cities for all at a single click

Virtual maps have long since facilitated routes from the mobile phone, but they have yet to further promote accessibility in cities as Mapp4all intends, a platform with 80,000 users that has just received the support of the CTM foundation to expand its role as an integrator Social.

This free-use Mapp4all platform, founded by a Spanish entrepreneur with motor disabilities, provides information collaboratively on different levels of accessibility in the city, and its managers have just reached an agreement with the Click That Matters Foundation (CTM) to extend Your social reach.

Within the framework of this non-profit alliance, the CTM Foundation - for the digital transformation of the third sector - has become a partner of Mapp4all, with a 5% stake, to support the dissemination and knowledge through the digital media of This application, both for users and companies adhering to the initiative, so that more people from anywhere in the world can benefit from their social integration services in the city.

"Our goal is to support the third sector in digital transformation, something key to its development," says Dácil Borges, founder and president of the CTM digital foundation of an independent nature.

The young philanthropist explains that "digitizing does not have to be expensive if third sector organizations join forces to boost their digital transformation with entities such as CTM, which helps generate positive impact in line with the sustainable development goals of the UN".

From Mapp4all, its founder Josep Esteba has assured Efe that this alliance "will help all people with special needs and not only people with disabilities to manage much better in cities."

The application, which has about 80,000 users so far, shows maps with icons that identify shops with ramps, elevators or escalators for people with reduced mobility.

In addition, geographical routes for people with other problems, such as celiacs who are looking for shops where they sell gluten-free food, moms who claim restaurants equipped with a baby diaper changer or information for animal lovers who want to know in which establishments access is accepted Of pets.

Accessible for mobile phones with Android (Google) and IOS (Apple) systems and in nine languages, this platform geolocates the user and shows you on the mobile screen the degree of accessibility of shops, law firms, pharmacies, study centers, etc. .

It also includes information on restaurants with Braille menus for the blind and any other details required by people with special needs; It is a collaborative project because the user can enrich the information of the application with new establishments and include those that do not appear yet.


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