Moscow exhibits more than 250 works by Dalí and Picasso from a private collection

Moscow, Mar 9 (EFE) .- More than 250 works by Spanish artists Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso from a private collection are exhibited in Moscow to great public interest, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m a great admirer of both geniuses. I couldn’t miss this,” the student Marina, who came to the exhibition together with a friend, told Efe.

The exhibition presented in Moscow includes lithographs, sculptures, ceramics and engravings by Dalí and Picasso, from the funds of the Russian collector Alexandr Shadrin.

Shadrin, a native of Yekaterinburg (capital of the Urals), took more than two decades to create his collection that has already traveled to more than a dozen countries.

“We are studying taking it to Europe, but the pandemic has paralyzed these plans for the moment,” said the collector when presenting the sample to a group of visitors.

It is the largest private collection of Dalí sculptures, which includes pieces made by the artist, mainly between 1960 and 1984.

Shadrin avoided revealing the price of the most valuable works, some of them bought at Christie’s auctions, but mentioned that they are very high sums.

“Would you buy gold in an alley? Well, neither would I,” he answered questions from the audience.

The collector is not a regular guest at the exhibition, but he did make a hole in his busy schedule to take guided tours of the exhibition, in which visitors of different ages could be seen.

The exhibition, open seven days a week at the Palace of Basilio III, will close its doors on May 16.

Last spring the show was already in Armenia, where it became one of the main cultural events of the year.


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