May 18, 2021

Mortality increases up to 4% for each degree that room temperature increases

Mortality increases up to 4% for each degree that room temperature increases

Curbing climate change is key to reducing thousands of deaths. For every degree that the Earth's ambient temperature increases, between one and four percent of deaths due to the effects of climate change in the European Union, according to the reports "Lancet Countdown", and "Climate change and health" that have presented today in Madrid two responsible for the same and the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI). This means an increase of 30,000 deaths per year for the 2030s "due to thermal stress, as cardiovascular, renal, and respiratory deaths increase," explained Ricardo Gómez

Huelgas, president of SEMI.

The temperatures of the planet have risen by an average of 0.3º between 1986 and 2017 (and a degree with respect to the pre-industrial values), but the increase in the cities is 0.8º, that is, more than double the increase. Given this reality, the document adapted to Spain prepared by the SEMI and 'Lancet Countdown' includes a series of recommendations to place climate change and its effects as a major health problem facing public opinion and administrations.

Among other recommendations it is recommended to say goodbye to the burning of coal and fossil fuels. As regards health, the experts raise the need to integrate the effects of change

climatic health in the different curricula of the Medical and Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy) in order to raise awareness and prevent situations regarding heat waves,

Emerging diseases as a result of climate change, etc.

"Threats to the health of climate change are becoming more frequent and more dangerous," said Dr. Helene Rossinot, author of "2018 Lancet Countdown EU Policy Brief." So, if necessary steps are not taken to stop and reverse the situation, the consequences will be even worse. In fact, according to the report, the increase in mortality from extreme heat waves is something that is already happening today and will get worse as temperatures continue to rise. In addition, the consequences of climate change will seriously compromise public health infrastructures.


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