February 26, 2021

Morrison prays for the missing Australian student in North Korea

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today that he dedicates his prayers to student Alek Sigley, who has disappeared since last week in North Korea, while Canberra remains unable to verify his whereabouts with Pyongyang.

"My prayers this morning are for Alek Sigley and his family, this is a very worrisome situation and we will continue to make every effort to reach him and hopefully return him home," Morrison told reporters.

The president made the comments after leaving a mass held before the resumption of sessions in Parliament, where he admitted that the authorities of the oceanic country do not have new information about the student's situation.

"We seek and receive news on a regular basis but this morning in the absence of these, and certainly aside from that, the prayers are my response," he added.

The family of Sigley, a university student of literature in Pionyang of 29 years, gave the alert for his disappearance on June 27 by not being able to talk to him through Whatsapp as it was "usual."

Sigley, of Australian father and Chinese mother, was also in charge of a tourist company specializing in cultural visits to North Korea and his Twitter account has detailed his life as a student in Pioyang since the end of 2018.

His last tweet, on the 24th, refers to the famous Ryugyong hotel, a gigantic unfinished lodging that began to be built in the North Korean capital at the end of the eighties and from which he took a couple of photos from the outside.

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