October 21, 2020

Morocco dismantles a cell of six terrorists of the Islamic Army

Morocco dismantles a cell of six terrorists of the Islamic Army

Moroccan police dismantled a terrorist cell composed of six members of the jihadist Islamic State group, the Interior Ministry said today in a statement.

The suspects, whose ages range from 24 to 37 years, were arrested in the city of Beni Melal, in the center of the country.

The first investigations reveal that the members of the cell were in charge of capturing, indoctrinating and recruiting potential candidates to incite them to perpetrate attacks "against those who reject their ideology", without specifying to whom they refer.

During the operation, the security services confiscated electronic devices, knives, as well as books and publications that advocate jihadism.

According to official figures from the Ministry of the Interior, since 2002, the security services detained more than three people and dismantled 185 terrorist cells in the Maghreb country, of which some fifty are linked to the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Sahel region.

In 2014, Morocco tightened its anti-terrorist law to specifically punish those who join or intend to join jihadist groups inside or outside the country; and the following year created the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) that centralizes the antiterrorist action in collaboration with the different security and espionage apparatuses of the country.

Morocco is one of the few Arab countries that has not suffered any terrorist attack in recent years, and in fact the last attack dates back to April 2011, when a bomb exploded in a cafe in the famous Yemaa al Fna square in Marrakech and killed to 17 people.


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