May 18, 2021

Morocco aborted in 2018 almost 89,000 attempts of irregular emigration

Morocco aborted in 2018 almost 89,000 attempts of irregular emigration

The Moroccan authorities aborted during 2018 a record 88,761 attempts of clandestine emigration to Spain, according to the figure offered today by the National Observatory of Migration, under the Ministry of the Interior.

This figure translates into an average of 243 daily interceptions of emigrants throughout the year.

Of the total, 20% of those intercepted by the security services were non-Moroccan, supposedly sub-Saharan, and of these, 5,608 opted for "voluntary return" to their countries, although the International Organization for Migration, which coordinates these voluntary returns, only organized about 1,300.

A large part of all those migrants detained before or during their trip to Spain (29,715) were intercepted on the high seas, aboard small boats or when they had been shipwrecked.

The Observatory recalls that 2018 has led Morocco to face "an unprecedented upsurge in the pressure of irregular migratory flows, exacerbated by an unstable regional environment and recurring effects called", which it does not require.

The migratory pressure in the so-called Western Mediterranean, that is, the road between Morocco and Spain, has also translated into a record of successful arrivals of immigrants to Spain: throughout 2018, 64,298 emigrants arrived in Spain through irregular routes, a 131% more than in 2017.


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