Moroccan transvestite seeks refuge in Europe by "unmasking" the police

Moroccan transvestite seeks refuge in Europe by "unmasking" the police

A Moroccan man transvestite, recently mistreated by police officers in Marrakech, who revealed his identity to the entire society, now seeks to seek asylum in a European country in order to "live as he likes" without being forced to change the "way of being" .

The "scandal" dates back to the night of December 31. When he was returning from an end-of-the-year party, Chafiq Lafrid, 33, had a minor traffic accident in the center of Marrakech but did not want to stop at the scene of the incident, which led to police intervention to stop him .

"I stopped the car, but I did not want to open the window because I was dressed as a woman and I was afraid of the people who had concentrated on the place, so the policeman broke the glass of the car window and pushed me out," he says. by phone to Efe from Marrakech.

He added that instead of protecting him from the "crowd," the agents took pictures of him that they disseminated along with images of his own personal documents, which began circulating on social networks.

Chafiq, originally from the city of Juribga, in the center of the country, has lived in Marrakech for seven years and works as an administrator in a private clinic.

"This incident has affected me a lot, I have decided to go to a European country that respects my sexual option anyway, I am that old and I can not change my way of being," said the man who also served in the Royal Armed Forces during eleven years.

Chafiq said he suffered psychological and physical damage as a result of the incident, so he obtained a one-month medical leave.

"Even a criminal is not treated like that, my family did not know about my sexual orientation and is now shocked," he said.

The photos and videos of Chafiq, wearing a blue evening dress while being pushed by security agents and receiving insults from passers-by, have circulated massively through social networks and communication applications.

The prosecution accused the man only for attempted escape in a traffic accident, while the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) has issued disciplinary sanctions against four officers who intervened in the event for violation of their privacy.

According to a statement from the DGSN, the four agents, two of them of high rank, have been punished with measures that reach the temporary suspension of their duties for "not taking the necessary measures to protect the personal data" of a person in custody police

The leader of the Alternative Movement of Individual Liberties (MALI), Betty Lachgar, told Efe that her organization is guiding Chafiq to get out of Morocco, and has started by helping him obtain a passport, as well as helping him "manage his contacts with the press. "

"Millions of people have seen the video, you can not even change your neighborhood because you own the house where you live and you have no other place to go," said Lachgar, who added that Chafiq is not a militant, but that incident I did not know that there was a movement in defense of the LGTB in Morocco.

Homosexuality is criminalized in Morocco by article 489 of the Penal Code that punishes with a penalty of between six months and three years "whoever commits an indecent act against nature with an individual of the same sex", and also receives a great reprobation of society and conservative political sectors.

Transvestism, however, is not contemplated in any legal article.

The Moroccan courts issue condemnations against those who attack homosexuals to send the message that Justice is the only party with competence if some kind of social disturbance occurs.

In August 2015, for example, the Court of First Instance in the city of Fez, in the center of the country, sentenced two young men who tried to lynch a transvestite man in "violence and intentional harm" to four months in prison. middle of a crowd.

The then Minister of Justice the Islamist Mustafa Ramid defended that the aggressors were prosecuted but at the time he exhorted the homosexuals to stop "provoking society".

In August of 2017, Ramid, in his current portfolio of Human Rights, called homosexuals "garbage" in a conversation with journalists who apparently did not know that he was being recorded.


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