Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Moreno will ask Trump for a commercial framework similar to that of Ecuador and the EU

The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, left on Tuesday for the United States. to meet with his American counterpart, Donald Trump, who will ask for greater speed in commercial decision making and a framework similar to that maintained by the Andean nation with the European Union (EU).

“The commercial exchange that we have with Europe, has significantly improved and greatly benefited the productivity and exports of Ecuador,” he said in a Moreno press appearance at the Tababela airport, near Quito, shortly before heading to Washington.

The Ecuadorian president considered that “exactly the same could be achieved with the US, a fair trade exchange that mainly favors producers.”

He clarified that the so-called Business Table with Washington has been reinstalled and that it works actively, although, he warned that “the US must be requested to have greater speed in decision-making.”

Ecuador has had a commercial agreement with the Twenty-seven for four years, increasing its exports by more than 15% and becoming Ecuador’s main trading partner for its non-oil products.

In his bilateral agenda with the American nation, Moreno will discuss with the tenant of the White House, with whom he plans to meet on Wednesday, issues such as employment and productivity, education and security.

Moreno’s visit to Washington, the first of an Ecuadorian head of state in 17 years, is due to Trump’s invitation, according to the Presidential Secretariat of Communication.

“The courtesy of President Trump has as a response our trip to visit him in the White House and to discuss issues that are common to us,” Moreno said today, after describing ties with the US, Ecuador’s main trading partner, as “pretty good” and that have remained throughout history.

During his visit to the United States, Moreno announced that he plans to meet with the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, with the President of the World Bank, David Malpass, with the US Chambers of Commerce. and with representatives of the Ecuadorian community in that country.

In relation to the commercial issue, one of the issues he will address with the US president, Moreno said he will request a reduction in rates – “we believe they are high” – of products such as broccoli, flowers, artichokes and tuna in the bag.

In this area, it will also deal with infrastructure, technology transfer, energy and commercial exchange.

Regarding the educational issue, Quito will request eight hundred English teachers, who join the two hundred natives of that country to train and teach in the Ecuadorian education system.

And in the field of security, which has been reinforced in the last years of its management, Ecuador seeks to increase the physical safeguarding of its inhabitants, as well as the fight against drug trafficking, the fight against corruption and cooperation in both teams and intelligence. .

“We will request even more information exchange, intelligence training and of course teams,” the Ecuadorian president said, in order to fight “against drug trafficking, insecurity and organized gangs”

In this line, Moreno clarified that he seeks to increase aid in radars, ships, aircraft, land vehicles and sophisticated equipment, as well as in the field of intelligence, training and assistance.

“That is going to be fundamentally the purpose when it comes to the fight against drug trafficking,” he added.

In parallel, the head of the Ecuadorian Executive once again affected the extradition of those Ecuadorians persecuted by the justice of his country in cases of corruption.

“We know that this depends on the courts of justice, but (we ask for) the extradition of people who have committed acts of corruption and exchange of information also on investments that have been made, of frontmen,” he insisted.

The objective, he said, is to increase bilateral intelligence cooperation in order to detect and track corruption cases.


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