Moreno supports Spain Suma as a "reasonable and viable" formula against Sánchez

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, has supported on Monday the proposal of the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, to attend with Spain Suma if there are elections when considering that it is a "reasonable, sensible and viable" formula to prevent Pedro Sánchez continue to lead the Government.

"It's very simple: do we want Pedro Sánchez to govern or not? This is the question," Moreno stressed when asked at an informative breakfast of New Economy Forum in Madrid, in which he was presented by Casado.

The Andalusian president has stressed that the majority of non-left voters do not want the secretary general of the PSOE to continue in La Moncloa.

To achieve this, he said that "there is only one option", which is to concur with a political formula that allows the center-right to compete with Sánchez and, in this sense, has defended the "Suma Spain coalition" as very reasonable and viable.

He said that in this case "obviously, the PP does not have to lose the acronym", because it is a party "completely necessary for public life and Spanish society."

According to Moreno, the PP is part of the "backbone of Spain" and a "containment dam" to the policies of the socialist presidents Felipe González, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Pedro Sánchez.

Another thing is, he added, that coalition models are sought for an electoral process, "always respecting the uniqueness and personality of each political force," because "it is the only way to compete and ensure that Pedro Sánchez is not president."

However, given the reluctance of some regional leaders of the PP, he has admitted that this coalition "does not resemble" the peculiarities of some communities, but for the nation as a whole, he said, he sees it "absolutely clear."

In his opinion, we must bear in mind that the right center has fragmented and that the PP has seen its space "dwarfed", so it has also advocated that the agreement with the other political forces arrives "before the elections" .

Given the refusal of the electoral coalition expressed by the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, arguing that it will not cover the corruption of the PP, Moreno has stressed that "the first one that does not cover the garbage is the PP" and has stressed that they cannot be blame court cases from a decade ago.

The president of Andalusia has insisted that the current situation is different and has indicated that, in any case, his party is prepared to go to the polls if elections are finally called.

In the same way, the leader of the PP has remarked at breakfast that if the Spaniards have to vote again in November the PP will find him "where always, in the responsibility, willing to add, prepared to unlock the situation" and also to break the "vicious circle" on the left.

And there Pablo Casado has insisted on the "example" that Juan Manuel Moreno gave when agreeing with Citizens and Vox after the elections in Andalusia to prevent the PSOE from continuing to govern in this autonomous community, a strategy that he proposes to apply also for the Government of Spain .

Because for the president of the PP, if the PSOE has been able to understand with Bildu and ERC, "ally with the heirs of Batasuna", with ERC or with Junts per Catalunya "how can we not reach a point in common with those who defend moderation, firmness, unity and prosperity? ", has raised.

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