Moreno stands as the only guarantee of change and sees very close the majority with Cs

Moreno stands as the only guarantee of change and sees very close the majority with Cs

The leader of the PP-A, Juanma Moreno, has been erected today in "the only guarantee of change" in the elections of the 2D, since Citizens "has failed" and is "rusty" by the "bipartite pact with the PSOE", and he assured that according to his polls they are "very close" to an "alternative majority" with the orange formation.

"We are very close, extremely close," Moreno said at a press conference in which he described the December 2 elections as a "referendum" in which one has to ask the Andalusians if they want to reach 44 years of age. socialism in the community or if they want a change that believes that only the PP guarantees.

He has opined that they are the "most open" elections of the Andalusian autonomy and that after the elections will be "if there is a sum to what agreements can be reached", although he insisted "for the first time there is an alternative majority that will lead the PP ".

"That different government has to be led by the PP, if we do not lead that change here there will be no change," he said.

Moreno has warned that there may be voters who "in good faith" entrust their support to Cs but then that serves to keep the PSOE in the Government as this term, so he has asked again to guarantee before the elections that will not agree with Diaz.

He has criticized the arguments for the advance announcement of elections, since, according to the PP-A leader, it is only due to Susana Díaz's "fear" of corruption cases, the "Sanchez defect" and a PP that is " rising".

He has accused Diaz of "missing the truth" in his explanations, since "lack of stability has not been", and has argued that the advance is "precipitated" by a main issue, "the siege of corruption", with the case of the ERE pending of sentence and with the commission of investigation of the FAFFE constituted in the Parliament.

"There was stability, what there was not transparency or interest in uncovering corruption," added Moreno, who also believes that Díaz was afraid that the Andalusians would know "the truth"; to the coincidence with the general elections due to the "negative contagion effect"; and the fear of a "rising" PP that was the most voted in the generals in the community.

Moreno believes that the Andalusians now have "a great opportunity" because "for the first time in forty years we have the real chance of a political change".

Has slipped the "reasonable doubt" of any voter who thinks about voting Ciudadanos or Adelante Andalucía because it could serve to maintain the PSOE, which has opposed the PP, which is "the only force that will not agree, the rest is for see".


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