Moreno replies with Star Wars to 'khaleesi' Rodríguez: "The force is with me"

The candidate of the PP, Juanma Moreno, has resorted to humor to respond to the candidate of Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, who referred to the series "Game of Thrones" becoming "Khaleesi" and has ironized with Star Wars: "What He does not know is that I have the strength, the strength is with me. "

"I have been told that a candidate, one of our adversaries, has bought three dragons, what that candidate does not know is that the force is with me," Moreno says in a video while the Star Wars tune is playing.

The video is disseminated by the popular through social networks and is recorded in the Rute Sugar Museum (Córdoba), in front of the reproductions of characters from the Star Wars saga such as Yoda - the powerful Jedi master - or the R2D2 robot, to close the daily summary that they make of the electoral day.

The "sketch" of the popular candidate humorously replicates the speech that Teresa Rodríguez launched at a rally, where she alluded to the famous HBO series Game of Thrones: "We have long been the guard of the night, but the polls speak of we have bought at least three dragons. "

"The guard of the night must be maintained, but if the three dragons arrive, we will end up with white walkers first," Rodríguez added in his speech, which Adelante Andalucía later disseminated through social networks with an important impact.

The "trailers" are already in the networks, but the outcome of the season will be on December 2 at the polls and you know, without "spoilers", that "in the game of thrones, or win or die."


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