May 12, 2021

Moreno questions that communities have to compete for material in markets

The Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, considers that “it is not normal” that the communities have to go out to the markets to “compete” to satisfy the needs of sanitary material that they have: “It seems strange to me that I have to compete with my compatriots with the same problems. “

Moreno considers that the centralized purchase of the Ministry of Health “has not worked” and the communities are “looking for life”, going out to the markets “to compete”, as for example Andalusia has bought three million face masks from China.

He has claimed in an interview at RNE a “unanimous” position, which would also allow obtaining better prices and “more pressure”, and has believed that this will be one of the “subjects to be solved” and one of the “lessons” to learn When this is over, “have a minimally coordinated and greased national structure to meet the challenge of a pandemic like this.”

In this situation, he understands that “the reasonable thing” now is that the communities make their purchases, coordinated by Health, and that the Treasury “provides” economic resources, since the pandemic “has completely broken all expectations.

He explained that any Chinese supplier asks you, at least, to pay 50 percent “to start talking” and there are also countries like Germany or the US that are “breaking the market.”

When questioned by the government’s management of this pandemic, Moreno said that “there are things that can be improved” because at the end of January there were already cases in Spain and the measures began to be taken in mid-March. “There has been precious time that has been lost and has not been acted upon,” he added.

However, the Andalusian president believes that there will be time to analyze “rigorously” these issues and “ask for responsibilities if they have to be asked” when this crisis passes, since “right now we are not here to stick or talk about politics” and should work joining forces and in a “coordinated” way.


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