May 27, 2020

Moreno promises zero deficit and a budget of 38,539 million, 5.6% more

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, announced on Thursday that the budget for 2020 that will be approved by his Executive tomorrow will amount to 38,539 million, representing an increase of 5.6 percent over this year, and stressed that will be the first accounts with zero deficit.

Moreno, in a parliamentary debate on economics with the leader of the PSOE, Susana Díaz, has advanced that the next year's accounts will increase 4 percent in Health, 3.6 percent in Education and 3 percent in social policies.

He also said that there will be 590 million for the industrial economic revitalization and stressed that they will be the first accounts with budget balance, that is, zero deficit.

"The 2020 budget will be that of convergence," said Moreno, who believes that the growth trend will be consolidated, although they will be "very cautious" due to the international situation due to brexit and US tariffs and "paralysis" of the government.

He has presumed that the Board will be "the first administration in Spain to present the accounts", something that generates "certainty".

He has argued that there is a model of "transparency, work and consolidation of public accounts" and not one of "burn a shredder to leave no trace", referring to the controversy over an alleged case of buying votes from the PSOE in Huévar del Ajarafe (Seville).

Moreno has encouraged Diaz to support the accounts to enjoy more budgetary stability: "If you really want to add and close your shoulder you will have a great opportunity in the debate of the accounts, we expect a lot from you and your group."

He has assessed the actions of the Andalusian Government in the face of challenges such as Brexit, with 112 measures, or tariffs, with a trip "immediately" to Brussels, before the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, who believes he should have gone "for in front of".

"You have already decided that your budget wants to take it out with the extreme right," Diaz replied.

The socialist has rejected Moreno's "economic liberalism" model and has criticized that the tax benefits of Andalusian families have fallen from 2017 to now more than half a point.

He regretted that he has taken a model of "extreme liberalism at all levels", which includes "deregulation", greater fiscal pressure on the workers and less on the rich, and a reduction of the control bodies.

He has also accused Moreno of lowering the tax burden on the richest and yet wanting all Andalusians to pay to enter the museums, an extreme on which he has assured that she decided not to do so that citizens of community.

He has criticized the words of the presidency counselor, Elías Bendodo, when he said that sometimes people do not value the free, and has questioned whether that will also apply to issues such as medicines for pensioners or university tuition.

Díaz has stated that there are 77,000 more unemployed in Andalusia and that exports in the accumulated of 2019 have fallen by 1.5%.

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