More 'thriller' and comedy for the second season of 'Nasdrovia'

Hugo Silva, Luis Bermejo and Leonor Watling, in a chapter of & # 039; Nasdrovia & # 039 ;.

Hugo Silva, Luis Bermejo and Leonor Watling, in an episode of 'Nasdrovia'.

The second season of the series 'Nasdrovia' will arrive maintaining its comedy tone, but with deeper touches of thriller and noir, as its creators have advanced this Thursday in a statement published by Movistar + after finishing the recordings. "Although the comedy tone has been maintained, the new season of Nasdrovia focuses more on the thriller and the black genre, which gives a darker layer to the entire series," says the text about the original production of Movistar + starring for Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva.

Filming has ended after nine weeks in different locations in Madrid, Avilés (Asturias) and Bulgaria, where they traveled to recreate Russia, trips that "add a new element of interest" and "make a difference compared to the previous installment" , which took place practically in the Nasdrovia, the restaurant that the protagonists Edurne (Watling) and Julián (Silva) set up. "In Bulgaria we have found the aesthetics, architecture and that point of constructivism of the Eastern countries, fundamental to give the series even more truth ", has pointed out the director Marc Vigil ('The ministry of time', 'Vis a Vis', 'Living without permission'), who joins the creative team as scriptwriter of this new delivery.

They have also been "lucky" to find a real Russian ship in the Avilés estuary, "where we have been able to make some incredible sequences", he added. The original series of Movistar + produced in collaboration with Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) is created by Sergio Sarria ('El intermedio', 'Perestroika'), Miguel Esteban ('El Vecino', 'El fin de la Comedia') and Luismi Pérez ('El Intermedio', 'Malaka'). If in the first season of this cocktail of humor and thriller Edurne and Julián tried to overcome the crisis of the 40s, in this second installment life has passed them by. They are accomplices to murder and occupy a new position within the Russian organization that they will have to survive, but they have different ideas of how to do it.


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