More than two years without seeing his son. His ex-wife, Russian, will not let him talk to him

More than two years without seeing his son. His ex-wife, Russian, will not let him talk to him

The day that Javier Somoza met Valentina Suraeva, one could not even imagine the ordeal he was going through. It was during a New Year's Eve party in 2009 in his native Galicia. "Damn that day," he tells us on the phone. A year later they got married in her country: Russia. "It was like Jekyll and Hyde – in reference to" The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde "-. The day after I got married, she began to tell me that, in order to come to live in Spain, first my children (the result of a previous relationship) had to leave home, that if I had to give her money, sell the house … I told her not". Months passed and "he told me he was coming if we had a child in common". That's when Javier, who previously worked in banking and now is an entrepreneur, decided to give him a month to calm things down.

"I went to the assisted reproduction department of the Mariinsky Municipal Hospital in St. Petersburg to proceed with the freezing of a seminal sample and we agreed by contract certain guidelines, such as the date on which the sample was to be destroyed: August 26, 2011". A short time later, the relationship breaks down and, as Javier learned later, on November 15 of that year, the sample was thawed (although it had to be destroyed on August 26) and Valentina's insemination, which it remains in state. On July 22, 2012, one month before the expected date of delivery, her son was born: Miguel. Since then Javier, who is a spokesperson for the Children Without Rights Association, estimates that he has been able to spend at least 198,000 euros between payments, trips, complaints … "I do not see or speak with my son for two years, three months and 13 days " Javier is not worried about giving him a pension, "he's my son and I want to do it, but I also want to see him".

Somoza's ordeal does not end there. Javier has been fighting for years for the Spanish authorities to defend him. Last Monday, Javier filed a complaint with the European Commission in which he denounced the inaction on the part of the Spanish authorities in the case of his son, "Spanish citizen". In particular, from the Ministry of Justice. From Spain he is transferred that "he is not competent to judge crimes committed in other countries against Spanish citizens, obviating – according to the complaint to which this newspaper has had access – that the Spanish State can act within the international conventions and treaties and bilateral agreements against that country. " In the same, Javier also attached the various letters sent as well as the 2,333 emails addressed to various entities of the Russian Federation and Spain seeking protection.

"Despite having sent documents on countless occasions proving that I am paying alimony, these are rejected by the Russian authorities. A few weeks ago I learned that on March 5 of this year, without my presence, without allowing me to participate and without defense, I was sentenced in a summary trial to two years in prison. I can not go to Russia on pain of being arrested and imprisoned. Once again, on November 16, 2018, a trial was held in the city of Mysky, Kemerovo Oblast, in which they again obviated my participation or legal representation and where they excluded me from all my parental rights. From the result of this trial I was directly informed by this court by means of an email, in Russian, addressed to my private mail and skipping all procedures contemplated in international agreements. In this way, I have no possibility of appealing that judicial decision, "he details in the document sent to the European Commission.

"There is no right to the Ministry of Justice has turned a deaf ear saying that it does not correspond, when it is not," explains Somoza. Your letters, your emails, your requests have served so that "this morning, from abroad, they have called me to assert that they are going to arrange an appointment with the Russian authorities to reach a solution proposal in case of parental kidnapping by humanitarian means, since there are also many children in Spain without communication with Russian parents ".

He knows well that his case is not the only one. As a spokesperson for the Children Without Rights Association, it has been asking the Spanish authorities for years to demand that the countries that do not comply with the agreements and treaties in which we are a party comply with due cooperation.


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