April 15, 2021

More than three million workers last less than seven days in their job


The occupation has grown by 1,068,400 new employees since 2009, but more than 50% of the new contracts are temporary, which has also resulted in a two percentage point decrease in the number of indefinite contracts, according to the report «Abnormalities of our labor market ”, presented Tuesday by Unión Sindical Obrera (USO).

This fall in the number of indefinite contracts over the total labor market has meant a step from 75.3% to 73.6%, well below the European average at 85.8% and marked by the Eurostat. This is also marked by the low generation of new indefinite contracts, either first or by conversion, as in the last 10 years on average only one in 10 new contracts has been indefinite.

If we focus on the accumulated of 2019, of the new contracts only 6.29% have been indefinite, compared to 85% of a temporary nature. For USE, these fixed-term contracts are being used "abusively" and "without responding to the causes that must govern them."

In June, in addition, the number of indefinite contracts has experienced a year-on-year fall of 14%, which since USE described as a "worrying" trend that highlights " the slowdown in economic activity and growth ».

For autonomous communities, only five exceed the average of 6.29% of indefinite contracts made, these being the Community of Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Catauña, Ceuta and Canary Islands, highlighting the first two with 13.27% and 12, 99%, respectively. In contrast, Andalusia and Extremadura are even below 3%, with 2.29% and 2.11%. They are closely followed by Cantabria, with 3.44%.

25 and 29 year old man, the most hired

Depending on the age of sex, and regardless of the type of contract, in what we have been in the year, the profile of the most contracted person is young, a man of 25 to 29 years. Men are more hired in all age ranges, which also translates into higher unemployment for women in all age ranges except for those aged 16 to 19 years. It is also observed that from 55 years of age the recruitment declines greatly.

Regarding the size of the companies that hire the most, it is SMEs with between one and 25 workers who exceed 5 million contracts in 2019, doubling companies with between 101 and 500 employees, which is the second most contracted based of the size. Companies with 26 to 50 workers and 51 to 100 exceed the million but the rest does not reach these figures.

As for the duration of work, men benefit because more than two million are undetermined, while in the case of women the number is somewhat below 1.5 million.

In this regard it is very striking that more than three million workers last less than seven days in their job, and in the words of the USO itself, in many cases with contracts that "do not respect the rest of the weekend" or "bordering" the legality.

The director of the USO Studies Office, José Luis Fernández Santillana, has affirmed that the solution is because "all contracts are" undefined ", except that temporary hiring is" duly justified ".

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