June 19, 2021

More than half of those who died in the Canary Islands with Covid-19 are men

Precisely, the octogenarian population from now on is the one with the highest mortality in the autonomous community, with very similar figures between men (187) and women (186). The same does not happen with the age group that goes from 70 to 79, in which deaths among males (138) almost double that of females (70). The difference between the sexes is also present in the group between 60 and 69, since 79 men and 28 women have died.

In the interval from 50 to 59, the numbers become similar again, with 23 male and 16 female deaths, although in the 1940s, deaths among men (13) almost tripled those of women (5). On the contrary, it happens in their thirties, where more girls (6) than boys (3) have lost their lives. Finally, there has been the death of two twenty-somethings, one of each sex and two children.

The counseling informs about the death of an octogenarian with previous pathologies


On the other hand, Health reported yesterday on the detection of another 94 cases of coronavirus in the region. This is the lowest figure of the week with which the general count of infections since the health crisis began stands at 54,623. In the Islands there are still 2,609 people who are still affected by the pathogen, more than half of them in Tenerife, where 1,703 are located. It is followed by Gran Canaria with 661, Lanzarote with 204, Fuerteventura with 18, La Palma with ten, El Hierro with seven and La Gomera with five.

In most cases, patients recover at home, where they have to remain isolated by protocol. However, 283 citizens have had to be admitted to the hospital due to complications derived from the virus. 54 of these patients are in the Intensive Care Units (ucis), while the rest are on the hospital floor. Against these data are the medical discharges, which have already risen to 51,256 since the start of the pandemic.

With regard to the infections reported in the last 24 hours, 44 have been registered in Tenerife, which already accumulates 23,791. Gran Canaria also added new positive diagnoses, specifically 23, with which the global figure becomes 22,182. Three more cases than the Gran Canaria territory accounted for Lanzarote, which raises its general count to 5,223.

On the contrary, Fuerteventura did not add Covid-19 pictures last day, so its statistics remain at 2,280. Nor did La Palma add contagions, which continues with 542 accumulated. Similarly, El Hierro maintains its total number of positive diagnoses at 370, after no more were notified yesterday by the Ministry of Health. The one that did add a case of coronavirus was La Gomera, which already has a total of 233.

This weekend, in addition, the vaccination of those over 60 years of age has been carried out without prior appointment in the vaccination centers enabled both in Gran Canaria –Infecar and Expomeloneras– and in Tenerife –Fair Center and Magma & Congresos–. According to the health area, only on Saturday 3,600 citizens belonging to this group were inoculated. In addition, the serum against the virus was administered to another 6,900 people mentioned throughout the day.

312 Women deceased in total

  • To date, a total of 312 women have died in the Archipelago. A figure that represents 41.1% of the deaths that have taken place in the region due to the virus.

1,703 Active in Tenerife

  • According to Health, in the Canary Islands there are 2,609 people still affected by SARS-CoV-2. More than half of them are located on the island of Tenerife, where there are 1,703.

2 Minors deceased

  • Last week there was the death of two minors who suffered from previous severe pathologies. The first, a six-year-old boy in Tenerife and the second a baby in Gran Canaria.


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