July 23, 2021

More than half of canaries have difficulty reaching orgasm – La Provincia

More than half of canaries have difficulty reaching orgasm - La Provincia

"It helps reduce stress and anxiety, it rejuvenates the skin, it's good for the heart" and no, we're not talking about yoga. If you have struggled to relate all these benefits to your body with orgasm, it is likely that you are among the 51.9% of the Canaries who have difficulty reaching the climax during their sexual relations. At least, this is what emerges from the 7th Barometer 'Young Spaniards and Sex' produced by CONTROL, brand specialized in sexual well-being and fun.

What to do when the orgasm does not arrive? The vast majority of young people in this region seem to have it clear, although it is more for the benefit of the sexual partner than for their own. Thus, 45.9% say they have faked the orgasm, being the main reason among the respondents "not to make the other person feel bad" (45.9%), although there are also many who, in the absence of climax, resort to this technique to cut for the sake and to look for pleasure in another site: 41% confesses to pretend it "because it has desire to finish".

The preliminaries, keys to achieve a good orgasm

Seeing how expensive orgasms are priced in our country, it is not surprising that young people give so much weight to the preliminaries in their sexual relations. Thus, 93.2% of respondents confessed to consider them very important, as a phase of previous excitement necessary to fan the passion and prepare to complete the sexual act.

At the time of entering the subject, kisses are imposed as the preferred preliminaries for 79.7%, followed closely by massages and caresses (76.7%) and, thirdly, (69.9%), masturbation. What does not seem to excite much to the canaries is the erotic language, chosen only by 34.6%, while the typical phrase "I like to be made to laugh" also seems to stay out of the bedroom: less than half (49.6% ) gives importance to laugh during the session of preliminary games.

Lubricants, the ally par excellence in sexual relations

Whether kissing as if there were no tomorrow, making you laugh or talking with your partner as if you were the protagonists of an erotic novel, the data from the barometer show that, in the end, achieving a good orgasm is a long distance race. Therefore, it is not surprising that young people resort to products and elements that help them in that task and add an extra of pleasure and fun.

In this sense, lubricants have become the ally par excellence in sexual relations in the Canary Islands, being used by 82% of respondents, followed by 60.9% who resort to massage gels. On the other hand, 57.9% confess to having tried erotic toys, mainly because "they were curious".

The male condom, the most used method of prevention

What is clear is that, regardless of the ally or technique chosen to achieve orgasm, the sexual act must always be carried out safely and responsibly. Something that, little by little, seems to be percolating among the young Canaries, who return to opt for the male condom as contraceptive method in their relationships, although only with a percentage of 58.6%.

The Barometer continues to produce alarming data regarding methods to protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Thus, up to 33.3% of respondents say they use condoms, but only 'occasionally', while up to 12.8% confess to continuing to use 'reverse gear' as a method of prevention. This is especially relevant if we consider that 83.5% of the respondents claim not to know the sexual health status of their sexual partners.


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