Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

More than a thousand Spanish tourists in Cuba confined in their places of accommodation

More than a thousand Spanish tourists remain in Cuba this Wednesday, a day after the country closed its borders to the entry of foreign visitors and decreed that those who remain will not be able to leave their places of accommodation.

Some 12,000 European citizens remain so far on the island, of which 1,115 are Spanish, according to information provided by the Cuban authorities to the diplomatic representation in the country.

At the moment, Cuba has not closed its airspace, so tourists can continue to return to their places of origin, although adjustments and flight cancellations have been registered and some companies have temporarily stopped flying to Cuba, including Air Europa.

As a consequence, there are some 80 Spaniards stranded on the island who will have to resort to other companies to leave.

And despite the fact that the official number of Spaniards who entered Cuba with a tourist visa and still remain in the country is 1,115, not all of them are people who came to the island to spend their vacations and will eventually return to their homes in the coming years. days.

An undetermined number of Spaniards who reside irregularly in the country also enter this “tourists” count, from which they enter and leave with a tourist visa given the strict requirements of the Cuban authorities to grant temporary or permanent residence permits.

Another frequent case is that of Spaniards with family or emotional ties in Cuba who spend seasons on the island, but who also entered with tourist status.

Spaniards in these circumstances now face an uncertain situation, since the Cuban Government has decreed that tourists who are still in Cuba will not be able to leave their hotels or private rental houses, and the Police have already begun to control the presence of foreigners. on the streets to enforce the regulations.

Across the country, several hotels have been designated to accommodate the remaining tourists, and more affordable prices have also been established due to the possibility that many may have to extend their stay due to the cancellation of their flights.

The hotels in the country are all state-owned, although 70% of the island’s rooms are managed by foreign companies under a mixed company regime.

According to data disclosed by the Governor of Havana, Reinaldo García Zapata, until yesterday Tuesday there were 8,800 tourists staying in hotel facilities, of which more than 5,000 were previously staying in rental houses.


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