August 1, 2021

More than a thousand signatures ask to ban the prostitutes union | Society

More than a thousand signatures ask to ban the prostitutes union | Society

"Feminism has been abolitionist since its inception," starts a manifesto for the abolition of prostitution that gathers support from Tuesday, just hours before the National Court analyzed two lawsuits related to the prostitutes union Other. More than a thousand people and organizations support A text to "change this model of sexuality that continues to prioritize a toxic masculinity". The manifesto defines prostitution as "a violent form of oppression and exploitation of millions of women around the world." "When we say that prostitution is a job, we are condemning the poorest to take an exit that, those with more resources and rights, we do not want for ourselves," the signatories point out, mostly women.

Policies of the PSOE such as the ex-minister Cristina Narbona, the deputy Ángeles Álvarez, the councilor of the Madrid Purification Causapié or the former councilor of the Junta de Andalucía Amparo Rubiales, among others, support the letter that demands that the union be banned by the Ministry of Labor "By mistake" last August in the Official State Gazette. Prominent feminists such as Rosa Cobo, Octavio Salazar, Towanda Rebels, activist Amelia Tiganus (from and organizations such as Themis, Médicos del Mundo, the Feminist Forum of Madrid, No Somos Vasijas or the anti-trafficking association APRAMP, among others , they add to the collection of signatures.

There is also the support of entities from the Universities of Henares, Valencia, La Laguna or Illes Baleares, among others. They consider the gender bias of prostitution "undeniable" with a huge percentage of female prostitutes and almost all male clients. "It is a machista institution that perpetuates the patriarchal system that we denounce and against which feminists fight, and that violates human dignity," they argue.

It is the second manifesto in just two days, after Monday a letter was found in favor of the union in which signatures such as that of the filmmaker Isabel Coixet or the Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska demanded the withdrawal of the demands, together with different representatives of Podemos, such as the Councilor for Feminisms of Barcelona, ​​Laura Pérez, or feminist activists such as Justa Montero, Begoña Zabala or Yayo Herrero. And they considered "an error of departure to equate trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation not only with determined prostitution, but with all the diversity of sexual works that are now legally exercised in this sector."

A law against trafficking that fines the client

This new writing argues that trafficking exists "because prostitution exists." The signatories consider that the legalization of the Other union "is a maneuver to de facto legalize procuring" in Spain. "The demand of the puteros is so brutal that it is impossible to supply it with the minimum percentage of women who claim to exercise freely," the statement continues, which calls for a criminal sanction "also for the puteros." The signatories denounce that without a Comprehensive Law against Trafficking "it is only possible to act if the woman denounces. And we know that most women do not dare because they are coerced. "

In Spain prostitution is a German activity. The Government has promised a law against trafficking and sexual exploitation whose content has not transcended. The Equality Policy Advisory Council of the PSOE, a body that collaborates with the Government with experts of different profiles, has positioned itself on Tuesday in favor of the abolition and proposed a comprehensive law that sanctions the client of prostitution, as countries already do like France or Sweden, the main abolitionist model.


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