More than a thousand schoolchildren enjoy this week the play ‘Arizona’ at the Cuyás Theater

An instant of representation.

An instant of representation.

More than a thousand young people from Gran Canaria enjoy this week at the Cuyás Theater of the work Arizona, of the Delirium company, which is also part of the new programming of the pedagogical project of the Cabildo site, Teatrae, sponsored by the Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation and which celebrates ten years this year 2021/2022

These are students of ESO, Baccalaureate and Formative Cycles who, until this Thursday, attend different interpretations of this show with a text by Juan Carlos Rubio and directed by Severiano García. Arizona was nominated for the 2019 Réplica Awards and obtained the Honorable Mention of the 2016 Lope de Vega Theater Award.

The play is based on true events that occurred in April 2005, when a group of armed US citizens conceived the Minuteman Project to prevent the transit of migrants across the US-Mexico border. According to its promoters, Arizona, which constitutes a tragicomic portrait of the soul of two human beings lost in the desert of life, it is not so far away; it is here, in Europe, in Melilla, in the Canary Islands, on every wall that is erected to prevent a human being from accessing a better life.

In the coming months, the montages Petitdanza, from the Natalia Medina Dance Company; Goodbye peter pan (Fetén Award 2019 for the Best Scenic Space) and Tarasca, original interdisciplinary show with music, words and movement linked to the collective memory of the people of the countryside and the sea.

Petitdanza is a contemporary dance montage aimed at all audiences, but especially to the youngest (Primary and first cycle ESO students), because “they are closer to the intensity of dreams and the purest imagination”, according to those responsible, the Natalia Medina Dance Company. The work, which will be exhibited on November 18 and 19, includes dynamic pieces, full of joy and vitality. It is about “a game of five dancers, five bodies that move to the beat of beautiful melodies that touch our hearts and take us to a state of peace and well-being.”

In addition, the use of certain scenic elements makes the attention never wane, creating a game in space. All of this makes Petitdanza a little choreographic and musical jewel that will stir the senses of the public.

In addition, between March 16 and 18 it will be the turn of Goodbye peter panby Festuc Teatre. After having suspended it at the beginning of the pandemic, Cuyás recovers this show for Infant and Primary students that talks about the links between the youngest and oldest members of the family.

It is “a puppet show of great visual beauty, full of sensitivity and fun that seeks the complicity of young and old” and in which the story of María is told, a girl with a lot of imagination who loved stories of his grandfather, with whom he spends the afternoons playing Peter Pan. But one night, the lost children take Maria to Neverland. And that will be when the adventures will be real: pirates, Indians, fairies and all the imaginary that James Barrie invented will become part of their reality.

Defined by its authors, the Pieles company, as “a concert with a heartbeat, which is nourished by oral tradition”, Tarasca, which will arrive at Cuyás on March 31 and April 1 for students of ESO, Baccalaureate and FP Cycles, is inspired by earth and salt, work songs and legends, romances and proverbs. As in previous shows of the aforementioned formation, with Tarasca, popular wisdom and its rhythms connect the viewer with different spaces (geographical, cultural and emotional) impregnated with heterogeneous languages ​​where diverse artistic manifestations converge.


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