April 15, 2021

More than a hundred people concentrate to regulate euthanasia

More than a hundred people concentrate to regulate euthanasia

Under the cry of "legal euthanasia now" and "we want freedom for our end," more than a hundred people have demonstrated this Friday in front of the courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) to regulate euthanasia and get the abolition of article 143 of the Criminal Code.

The rally took place as a result of the death of María José Carrasco, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and had expressed her desire to die, a request to which her husband, Angel Hernández, who had been arrested and subsequently released, finally agreed. .

The association Right to Die with Dignity (DMD), which has called this demonstration, has indicated that the euthanasia law that was already in Parliament has been "on the verge of being approved" after the dissolution of the Cortes.

The member of the board of DMD Rosario Segovia has asked the parties to continue working on its legalization, since citizens have the right to decide about their own lives, and recalled that according to the surveys, "80% of the population is in favor of euthanasia. "

However, he has criticized PP and Cs for having delayed in Congress the approval of the law through the continuous extension of the amendment deadline.

In this sense, former United Left leader Gaspar Llamazares has stated that, as a member of DMD, he has said that he has "a bitter feeling" because "political representatives have failed" in the regulation of this right, and has assured that in Spain " he dies badly. "

"I think it's something that we owe to the citizens and that does not admit new postponements, gives the feeling that by prejudice, stigma or whatever it is we are not able to regulate the right to die with dignity," he reiterated.

Article 143 of the Criminal Code punishes the induction of suicide or cooperation with the suicide of other people with a range of penalties ranging from two to ten years in prison, although mitigating measures may be applied that considerably reduce the penalty if there is a request expresses the victim and she suffers from a serious illness.

DMD expects that these mitigating factors will be applied to Hernandez or that before the conclusion of the oral trial a law of euthanasia will be approved that will absolve him of all the charges.


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