More than a hundred fires are maintained in Northeast Australia

More than a hundred fires are maintained in Northeast Australia

More than a hundred fires are still burning today in the state of Queensland, in northeastern Australia, in a day in which firefighters face high temperatures and drought.

The Regional Deputy Director of the Bureau of Meteorology, Bruce Gunn, warned at a press conference that the exceptional "high temperatures" will continue unprecedented "in Queensland, where it is expected" extreme heat until the end of the week.

The fires obliged yesterday to evacuate 8,000 residents of Gracemere, a town located about 515 kilometers north of Brisbane, who began today to return home.

"This is a great relief," Queensland Chief Executive Annastacia Palaszczuk said in the same appearance broadcast by the fire department portal.

State Commissioner of Fire Services, Katarina Carroll, said the conditions are not as "catastrophic" as on Wednesday but that there are still "very disturbing" fires.

More than 40 schools have been closed in a day in which the heat and low humidity hinder the tasks to control the fires.

Firefighters ordered the immediate evacuation of the town of Winifiend, located about 400 kilometers north of Brisbane, due to an "unpredictable fire" that is moving quickly.

In Baffle Creek, 450 kilometers north of Brisbane, several residents resisted evacuating the population and the police had to take some of them in handcuffs, a neighbor told the local agency AAP.

The fire season in Australia varies according to the area and the weather conditions although they are generally recorded between the spring and the austral summer.

The most serious occurred in Australia in recent decades happened in February 2009 in the state of Victoria (southeast) and caused 173 deaths and 414 injuries, and burned an area of ​​4,500 square kilometers.


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