November 28, 2020

More than 800 migrants spend the night on the floor of the Arguineguín de Canarias dock

The latest rescues bring to more than 800 migrants who have spent the night of this Monday in the camp installed in the Arguineguín pier, in the southwest of Gran Canaria, the highest figure reached since they settled more than a month ago before the lack of centers for their reception. In the precarious camp, made up of several tents spread out in the same port, the rescued sleep on the ground waiting for their PCR test results and a place in another place to be housed.

Helena Maleno:

Helena Maleno: “Letting people die gives money, letting suffer gives money and enslaving gives money”

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As reported on Monday by sources from the Delegation of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Government of Spain “continues to work” to refer immigrants as soon as possible to adequate centers for their care.

However, they have indicated that due to the coronavirus pandemic, for their transfer it is necessary to obtain the results of the PCR tests that are carried out on their arrival to the islands to rule out that they have COVID-19.

The continuous arrival of immigrants in boats, cayucos or inflatable boats in the last two weeks has once again saturated the camp attended by Red Cross personnel in the same Arguineguín dock, located in the tourist municipality of Mogán and a base for Maritime Rescue boats , who is in charge of their rescue and takes them ashore.

So far this Monday, the provisional balance of immigrants arriving on the islands rises to more than 300, but during the past week 1,533 African migrants arrived at its shores in 52 boats, cayucos and inflatable boats, and most of them, They were transferred to the Arguineguín dock.

The Canary Islands have 3,400 places for the reception of immigrants and all are covered, according to the data provided by the Government Delegation.


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