June 19, 2021

More than 80% of Chinese workers suffer from work stress, according to a survey

More than 80% of Chinese workers suffer from work stress, according to a survey

More than 80% of Chinese employees suffer physical and mental stress at medium or high levels related to an excessive workload, according to a survey conducted by the University of Wuhan (east) and quoted today by the China Daily newspaper.

The study, focused on behavior in the workplace and fatigue, indicates that 12.9% of respondents work more than ten extra hours a week, which means that, on average, they exceed the national standard of 40 hours per week, standing at more than 47 and a half hours.

On the other hand, the percentage of employees who work during night hours is 53%, a figure that rises to 71.9% in terms of irregular work schedules.

To explain these phenomena, the team that carried out the survey, belonging to the Institute of Labor Economics of the aforementioned university, indicated that the normalization of mobile Internet connections has blurred the frontier between work and personal life.

The lack of rest time also translates into a worse state of form: almost 80% of the respondents admitted that they exercise less than five hours a week.

Last June, the official newspaper Global Times warned about the stress that officials suffer after six workers from the Government and the Communist Party of China (CCP) committed suicide during the previous month.

On that occasion, an expert in psychology quoted by the newspaper pointed out that half of the patients he received every week were civil servants, and that they suffered from depression and anxiety, caused mainly by work pressure due to strict supervision and tight deadlines.

Working conditions in China are under the scrutiny of organizations such as China Labor Watch, who has denounced in numerous reports the treatment of workers in sectors such as toy, distribution or technology.

International companies such as Apple, Samsung or Walmart have been involved in scandals to use the services of Chinese factories in which the basic rights of workers are not respected.

Although the government has toughened labor laws in recent years to protect workers' rights, in practice workers and workers remain unprotected with respect to office employees.

According to the China Labor Bulletin organization, so far in 2018 there have been more than 1,400 protests related to working conditions throughout China, a country where, in this same period, the group has registered a total of 440 occupational accidents .


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