February 26, 2021

More than 7,500 taxpayers earn 50 times more than the minimum wage

A total of 7,553 taxpayers declared having received monetary remunerations of the work performance higher than 601,000 euros in 2017, almost 50 times the minimum wage. This group of respondents represent 0.4% of the total, according to the taxpayer statistics of 2017, published yesterday by the Tax Agency.

The monetary remuneration of work income includes what is received as salary, pension or unemployment benefit, but not other income such as those from economic activities, capital returns or capital gains, reports Efe. In the chapter on monetary remuneration, the largest group is that of those who earned between 12,000 and 21,000 euros, which accounted for 25.68% of the total in 2017, with 4.65 million people. More than 3.3 million taxpayers – 18.3% of the total – earned between 30,000 and 60,000 euros, and 3.1 million – 17.32% – between 21,000 and 30,000 euros. According to the statistics, more than six million taxpayers received labor income of less than 12,000 euiros, some sections that in most cases imply exemption from the obligation to submit the declaration.

Payment in kind

The document reveals that 2.7 million taxpayers reported having received remuneration in kind in that year for an average amount of 1,209 euros, an amount that varies considerably among the average of 227 euros of those who are in the lowest yield section, and the 147,176 euros of those who are in the highest. To this are added the 573,170 taxpayers who declared business contributions to pension plans, for an average amount of 1,677 euros, although this average exceeded 4,000 euros in the case of those who were in the highest stretch of performance, according to statistics of the Tax Agency.

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