June 15, 2021

More than 70 garrotistas participate in the I Adapted Garrote Fighting Championship of Gran Canaria

The I Adapted Garrote Fighting Championship of Gran Canaria, held at the facilities of the Ciudad Deportiva de Gran Canaria, welcomed more than 70 garrotistas, in a competition that is part of the ‘Games of Gran Canaria’ program of the Sports Department of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

This first championship, organized by the Canarian Garrote Fighting Federation and promoted by the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the collaboration of the Sports Council, seeks to introduce people with different types of disabilities, physical or mental, into indigenous sports. And it has had the participation of the Apadis, Adepsi, Civitas and San Juan de Dios centers, as well as the Los Verodes Occupational Center in La Laguna.

The competition was developed respecting the different bubble groups of each center, each group making an exhibition of combat techniques, both in the adapted and inclusive part. It is noteworthy that the groups of the participating centers not only have people with intellectual disabilities, but also associated with other mental pathologies, reduced mobility or physical disability.

The event was attended by the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, the Minister of Sports, Francisco Castellano, the president of the Canarian Garrote Fighting Federation, Carlos Barrera, the head of the Federation’s Adapted Garrote Fight, Nanda Donate , and the representative of the Fundación Canaria Orencio Moreno, Francisco Bordes, who were in charge of delivering the trophies to the participants.

Antonio Morales pointed out that “support for vernacular sports, such as fighting the Canarian club, has an important part in the program of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. These activities transcend the field of sport itself, being depositories of a millenary culture, of a civilization whose vestiges, both the archaeological sites and the cultural legacy that are still in force have been recognized as World Heritage of Humanity ”.

He also stressed that it is a form of associationism that keeps alive the traditions that are made known and promoted among the youngest. “It teaches values ​​such as effort, mutual respect and companionship, in addition to helping in the correct physical and mental development of people, positively influencing values ​​such as self-confidence,” said Morales, who explained that this time it is a A modality that goes further and adapts the Lucha del Garrote for people with disabilities, “becoming a vehicle for the full integration and inclusion of people with different capacities”.

“Not only physical accessibility, but full access to rights and services on equal terms with the rest of the public, constitutes the basic claim of people with disabilities and has to be one of the priorities of public administrations. With this objective in mind, we have had the Gran Canaria Accessible program for years at the Cabildo de Gran Canaria ”, commented Antonio Morales, who was proud, as president of the Cabildo, to have contributed with the grant to the realization of this championship.

Finally, he congratulated the Canarian Garrote Fighting Federation and its president, maestro Carlos Barrera, for this initiative; and to all the people who have participated in the championship, “who are the real stars. On behalf of the Cabildo I can only thank you and hope that this is the first edition of many, because moving towards a more just and egalitarian society, with the integration of all people, whatever their abilities, is a victory for all of Gran Canaria. “Morales added.

For his part, Francisco Castellano highlighted that “autochthonous disciplines are gaining prominence within the agenda of sporting events in Gran Canaria, together with inclusive activities, as in this case”.

The counselor highlighted that “the Sports Council is working on the development of a framework agreement as a tool that helps to boost numerous programs in this line, with federations, clubs, non-governmental organizations and municipalities, to launch sports programs of social inclusion for people with functional diversity ”.

In addition, he stressed that this sports offer “helps to enjoy days in which the values ​​of some of our native sports are promoted, but also values ​​such as respect, sportsmanship and fair play.”

For her part, Nanda Donate, an instructor specializing in the fight of the stick Adapted to the disability, highlighted that “they are people with very different disabilities, united by an autochthonous and contact sport, such as the fight of the stick.” And he added that “there is no other place in the world where a martial art adapted with real weapons is performed, where boys and girls are not only capable of performing the activity without risk, but also where a safe distance is guaranteed. , in these times of pandemic ”.

The Canarian Garrote Fighting Federation has been organizing sports events with people with disabilities since 2014. In addition, the Federation has introduced a method of teaching this sport unique in the world.

The purpose of this adapted sports practice is to improve the student’s coordination, tonicity and psychomotor skills, reinforcing their self-esteem and seeing that what was impossible to learn has been achieved in a fun way, being aware of their progress.


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