February 25, 2021

More than 6,500 members of the PSOE are pronouncing today on the pact with NC, Podemos and ASG for the Canarian Government

In this way, the militants should go to the local groups to answer 'yes' or' no 'to the following question:' Do you support the agreement for a Government of progress and change for the Canary Islands, reached by the PSOE Canarias, Nueva Canarias, Yes We can and ASG, so that our party presides over the Government of the Canary Islands? '

As reported by the party in a press release, it is a "historic" call for being the first time that the Canary Islands militancy is going to pronounce on a government pact in the archipelago.

Thus, in accordance with article 53 of the federal statutes, the regional executive commissions may convene consultations to the militancy on those matters of special importance that are determined by regulation and that affect their territorial scope of action. The consultation will be mandatory on government agreements in which the PSOE is a part.

Throughout this week an information campaign has been developed so that the members know the details of the voting day, which will take place between 12:00 and 6:00 pm this Saturday. In certain groups, there is the possibility of reducing that schedule based on the number of people called to vote.

Voting will be personal, secret and face-to-face in the municipal groups, a voting table will be set up that will be composed of three members (one presidency and two members) chosen by lot and, in addition to the ballot box, a booth or space will be provided where they are put the ballots and voting envelopes are available to the voters.

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