More than 600,000 subscribers, more than an hour without electricity in various areas of Spain due to a power failure



An electrical blackout has affected several areas of Spain, among which are Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Navarra and the Basque Country, among others. The power outage, which has lasted for more than an hour and has now been reestablished, has been suffered by more than 600,000 subscribers.

In Catalonia, more than 146,000 people have been left without electricity, according to data from Endesa that has provided Civil Protection of the Generalitat. In a message on Twitter picked up by Europa Press, Civil Protection has reported a “global supply shortage”, which has affected 640,000 subscribers.

The incident has been produced by a problem in Red Eléctrica’s transmission network(REE). Specifically, the company attributes the event to an incident with a seaplane that has generated a problem in the French very high voltage network, at a time when energy was being transferred from that country to Spain, “causing the temporary disconnection of the peninsula of the rest of Europe ”, as explained by the company on Twitter. A routine procedure that could have had worse consequences if it had occurred on a working day, when demand and consumption are much higher than those on the weekend.

Either way, both REE and Endesa ensure that the problem is solved, leaving the power supply restored throughout Spain.

Civil Protection of the Generalitat has ensured that the situation in Catalonia has been normalized. In a note on Twitter collected by Europa Press, Civil Protection has terminated the incident, which has affected 640,000 subscribers.

According to 112 Región de Murcia, Iberdrola has reported a fault in a 400,000 volt very high voltage line of Red Eléctrica Española.

In Guipúzcua, some municipalities have been without electricity since after 4.30 pm, including Irun, a city that has recovered its electricity supply after 5.15 pm, according to the ‘Diario Vasco’.

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