May 10, 2021

More than 6.5 million voters called to vote in the Andalusian elections

More than 6.5 million voters called to vote in the Andalusian elections

A total of 6,541,748 people are called to vote today in the eleventh elections to the Parliament of Andalusia in some of the 10,038 polling stations installed in the 3,832 polling stations spread across the eight provinces of Andalusia.

The census of these autonomous elections, in which 109 deputies will be elected, has increased by 302,771 voters – 0.7 percent – with respect to the previous Andalusian elections of March 2015.

Of these voters, 6,298,785 reside in Spain and 242,963 abroad permanently, while another 302,771 people with the right to vote are new voters who today may exercise this right for the first time.

The vote by mail has been requested by 88,921 people, 88,373 residents in Spain and 548 who are temporarily displaced in other countries.

Almería will have 803 polling stations; Cádiz, with 1,489; Córdoba, with 907; Granada, with 1,095; Huelva, with 632; Jaén, with 886; Malaga, with 1,662, and Seville with 2,564.

A total of 19,122 agents, including Civil Guard, National Police and Local Police, will ensure the normal development of the election day.

Fifteen candidates are present in the eight provincial districts of Andalusia, except in Huelva, where fourteen coalitions and parties have been presented; Jaén, with 17, and Málaga, who has 18.

Seville and Malaga are the provinces in which more autonomous deputies will be elected, with 18 and 17 seats, respectively, followed by Cádiz, with 15; Granada, with 13; Almería, with 12, and Huelva and Jaén, with 11 seats each.

The PSOE was the most voted party in the previous regional elections of 2015, in which it obtained 47 deputies, followed by the PP, with 33; We can, with 15; Citizens, with 9, and IU -that today concur with Podemos in the candidacy Adelante Andalucía-, which won 5 deputies.

The new Parliament of Andalusia of the eleventh legislature will be constituted on December 27 and one of its first decisions will be to clarify if it cancels the traditional holiday period in January and declares it a working month to accelerate the debates of the investiture session of the next presidency of the Board, which can not be prolonged more than sixty working days from the constitution of the Andalusian Chamber.


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