July 14, 2020

more than 5,000 troops ready

In record time, just three weeks, the State security forces have designed, in coordination with the UN, the Climate Summit device that starts Monday in Madrid, a "very complex" event in which more than 5,000 participate effective in order that the appointment be held without incident.

The information and intelligence police services are joined by street operatives with an essential role as they continually assess whether there is any threat, be it terrorist or otherwise, such as the assistance of radical anti-system groups that seek to alter the normal development of the summit.

The device has been designed not only to guarantee security at the headquarters of Ifema, but also in the rest of activities scheduled in Madrid on the occasion of the Summit as well as in the mobilizations convened by different groups, such as the one organized by the Fridays For platform Future that will take place on Friday 6 and is expected to be the largest.

Any information that affects its safety will be supervised from the Operational Coordination Center (CECOR), installed in the Canillas police complex visited by the acting Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska this Sunday.

"We have to feel proud because in less than three weeks this complex event has been organized thanks to security forces, ministries such as Ecological Transition, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Development, along with the regional and local administrations," he said. the minister

In this position of the CECOR there will be representatives of the UN, the Ministries of Interior and Defense, Presidency of the Government, Royal House, National Police, Civil Guard, Municipal Police of Madrid, Firefighters, Civil Protection, AENA, ADIF, EMT, Metro de Madrid , Samur and Summa 112.

More than 29,000 people have already signed up for the summit and 196 delegations are expected to attend, including half a hundred heads of state and government, as well as the highest representatives of the EU.

"The summit is beginning and we wish the greatest success," said the Interior Minister before making clear the "perfect coordination" that exists with the UN staff, who will assume the security of the interior of the so-called bounded Blue Zone within the fairgrounds where the COP25 negotiation sessions will take place.

The National Police participates in this device with members of Police Intervention Units, Canine Guides and Subsoil, among other units. He will also be in charge of the surveillance and protection of the hotels in the city of Madrid where many of the leaders and delegations that will attend the summit are staying.

The Civil Guard, meanwhile, contributes to the deployment with Traffic agents; reinforcement of airport security; agents assigned to the surveillance and protection of hotels outside the urban area of ​​Madrid; and with troops dedicated to border control.

The Municipal Police of Madrid, for its part, will contribute to the device with agents that will be responsible, among other things, for the management of mobility in the city and for supporting delegations and their movements, while the Ministry of Defense will support in matters of air safety.

Precisely, to the 5,000 troops are added agents of the Civil Guard that will reinforce the border controls after from the past day 28 they have been temporarily interrupted – until day 14 – the Schengen borders, so that random inspections will be carried out on flights.

Also until December 14, the reinforcement of special intensity of the anti-terrorism security measures agreed by the Ministry of the Interior, which has decided to decree level 4 of reinforced alert for the Community of Madrid, will continue.

These measures include the strengthening of operational and intelligence devices as well as preventive surveillance and anti-terrorist response measures by the State security forces and other institutions and security agencies.

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