July 29, 2021

More than 400,000 freelancers will be able to continue trading in modules

More than 400,000 freelancers will be able to continue trading in modules


The statements of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, in which she announced that the Government will maintain the threshold so that the self-employed can benefit from simplified or modular taxation. So that it will not change as planned. This has been announced by the Finance Minister during his speech at the Cinco Días Forum.

From the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers – ATA, its president Lorenzo Amor, has celebrated that "after months of negotiation between the Tax Agency and ATA has been decided maintain the current limits that allow taxation by modules ». What according to estimates of this association will benefit more than 400,000 freelancers, who will remain in this type of taxation.

The initial intention was to comply with the provisions of the current law and lower this thresholds next year of the self-employed who can not tax in modules those with full returns of more than 150,000 euros, those who bill other professionals more than 75,000 euros or whose purchases exceed 150,000 euros. Now the Government foresees maintain the current limits: the self-employed with full income may be taxed by modules up to those exceeding 250,000 euros, who bill other entrepreneurs or professionals more than 125,000 euros or who buy goods and services for an amount exceeding 250,000 euros. In this way, that they follow the current limits, according to the minister, will benefit half a million self-employed workers.

Since ATA have remembered that of the 3.2 million self-employed, one and a half million have done so through direct estimation, more than 400,000 through the aforementioned system of modules and the rest as companies. For Love, "the maintenance of the current limits will allow many autonomous to continue with their activities, which otherwise would be doomed to close".

In this sense, from this association of self-employed, have demanded that the future Royal Decree that regulates this measure has the support of all parliamentary groups: «It is essential to support self-employed workers with lower incomes, many of them transporters that are in the system of modules, and that if they were not, they would seriously endanger their activity ", concluded ATA president Lorenzo Amor.


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