More than 4,000 politicians, academics and personalities sign Griñán's pardon petition

The petition for pardon from the family presented by the family of José Antonio Griñán earlier this month will be accompanied by the signature of more than 4,000 people from the fields of politics, culture or academia. Some of these names were already known, such as that of the former presidents of the Government Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, or that of the former vice president Alfonso Guerra. Now, the relatives of the former head of the Andalusian Government have provided the complete list, with political figures already retired such as the former minister Rodolfo Martín Villa or the former PP deputy Eugenio Nasarre.

The list of names is known just days after the Supreme Court has released the complete sentence in which it confirms prison sentences for Griñán and the former Andalusian president Manuel Chaves for creating and maintaining the fraudulent structure of the ERE since the Council. The text confirms that both committed crimes of prevarication and attributes another crime of embezzlement to Griñán. "The convicted acted with knowledge of the irregularities and pursuing a specific purpose whose illegality they knew," says the sentence.

Before knowing the full text and the two private votes that point to the lack of sufficient evidence to affirm that Griñán knew that the money from the ERE was being misappropriated, the family of the also former minister already announced that they would present a request for pardon before the Ministry of Justice. This request "for reasons of humanity and equity" was registered on September 1 and will have the support of more than 4,000 people from different fields. Several members of the Popular Party stand out on the list: in addition to Nasarre, there are former deputies Juan Ojeda, Beatriz Rodríguez and former senator José Manuel Gómez-Angulo. The petition is also signed by the former ombudsman Álvaro Gil Robles, the former mayor of Seville Alejandro Rocas or Josep Durán y Lleida and Ignasi Guardans of the extinct Convergència i Unió.

Within the list of politicians who support the pardon of Griñán there is also Julio Rodríguez, former JEMAD and member of Podemos, a formation that has publicly expressed its rejection of the Government pardoning the former head of the Board. The spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, said in this regard this Thursday: “We think that the prerogative of pardon cannot be used for this type of thing. We are the political force that has worked hardest to evict Mariano Rajoy from Moncloa for corruption, and pardon is for other kinds of things.”

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