March 9, 2021

More than 40 people intoxicated by the intake of food in poor condition at Feria

More than 40 people, including three minors who are hospitalized, have been affected in Ceuta by food poisoning caused by the intake of food in poor condition in a Fair booth.

According to Efe informed police sources, the events have occurred throughout the day today in the so-called "Las Cañas" booth installed in the Ceuta fairgrounds on the occasion of the celebration of the Patron Festivities that conclude this morning .

About 40 people, including three children, have had to go to the University Hospital of the city affected by the same picture.

From the booth they have informed through social networks that food is made daily by some of the students and their families and that they never serve anything that has not been prepared that same day.

"Unfortunately not everything depends on us and some food has played a trick on us," said those responsible for the booth in a statement released on social networks, where they also apologize to all affected people.

This situation has motivated that the health authorities of Ceuta have opened an investigation and prevented the booth from serving any food during this last night of the fair.

The Health Department has drawn up an inspection report and suspects that the origin of the poisoning could be in some eggs in poor condition.

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