Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

More than 40% of Canarian centers join the strike against climate change - La Provincia

More than 40% of Canarian centers join the strike against climate change - La Provincia

The students strike organized the support of the international movement 'Fridays for future', inspired by the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in his fight against climate change, has had a follow-up of more than 40% in the educational centers of Canary Islands, according to the provisional data of the Ministry of Education.

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Meanwhile, the initiative has taken thousands of young people on the streets more than 50 Spanish cities against climate change this Friday, March 15, shouting "Without a planet there is no future", on the occasion of the global student strike, seconded in more than a hundred countries around the world.

In total, in Spain have been convened throughout this Friday more than 60 concentrations and demonstrations in 58 locations from all over the country, which are added to more than 1,600 calls in a hundred countries on all continents. The largest demonstration has been registered in Madrid, where the movement 'Fridays for future' and the Student Union have summoned young people at noon at Puerta del Sol.

Some 50,000 attendees, according to the organizers, or 4,500 according to data from the National Police provided by the Government Delegation, have joined the march that has traveled the center of the capital to end in the vicinity of the Congress of Deputies. "Not one more degree, not one less" has been another of the most repeated slogans in the Madrid demonstration, which has not been able to approach the Congress, as planned, since the access was fenced and guarded by several police vans .

The protest has developed under a sun that raised the thermometers above 20 degrees. "This heat in winter is not normal", has been another of the most chanted songs throughout the day. At the demonstration in Madrid there were political representatives such as the MEP from The Greens Florent Marcellesi or the candidate More Madrid to the Presidency of the Community, Iñigo Errejón. "If we continue at the current rate we will destroy the only house we have and we will leave the next generations a future with more uncertainty, precariousness, with more difficulty accessing resources," said the former leader of Podemos.

In Barcelona, more than 2,000 students, according to Guàrdia Urbana, have marched from Plaza Universitat to the cry of "Queremos futuro" until it culminates in Plaça Sant Jaume. 'Visca, visca, visca ecologist rainy', 'Your profit kills life, our generation is left with no way out' have been some of the slogans chanted in the Catalan capital. In Catalonia, the incidence of strikes in educational centers was 12.21% in the province of Barcelona, ​​4.71% in Lleida and 4.65% in Gerona, according to the data of the Territorial Services of the Conselleria of Education.

In ValenciaThere have been hundreds of university and secondary students who have filled the Plaza de la Virgen de València on Friday in a concentration to denounce "the inactivity of politicians"against climate change." We raise our voice before the oceans and seas do. We do it because the dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing the depletion of resources and a massive extinction of species, "said the conveners.

In Andalusia, More than 2,000 people have participated in the rallies organized in all provincial capitals. In Seville, there have been a thousand attendees at the protest of the mushrooms, while in Granada, according to sources of the National Police, 500 people have attended the concentration of the Plaza del Carmen, in front of the City Council. In Cádiz, the concentration for the global strike against climate change has been held in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios and in Cordoba, municipal sources have informed Europa Press that some 300 people attended the rally held in front of the City Council, in Capitulares street. In addition, dozens of students from the University of Almeria (UAL) have joined this initiative with a concentration in the Plaza del Estudiante as a preamble to the event that will tour the center of Almería this afternoon.

According to data from Ministry of Education, in the institutes of Ceuta and Melilla no student has supported the strike called by the movement 'Fridays for future'.

In the rest of Spain, the call has been unevenly monitored. In the Region of Murcia, a total of 22,426 students of Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, training cycles or Vocational Training have not gone to class this Friday, which allows estimating approximately 8% the follow-up of the student strike due to the weather.

In Castilla y León, more than 10,000 students have not attended class this Friday, March 15 in the whole community and half a thousand young people have joined the protest called at midday in Valladolid.

In Galicia, There have been hundreds of students who have participated in the concentrations of A Coruña, Ferrol, Vigo, Ourense and O Porriño.

In Castilla la Mancha, 17% of students have supported the strike, according to the Ministry of Education, while in Aragon the National Police has accounted for about a hundred people in the demonstration convened in Zaragoza.

In Balearics, the concentration of Palma has brought together more than five hundred young people and in Cantabria, the concentration of noon in Santander has gathered about 400 attendees; and in Logroño, the protest against climate change has gathered 300 people according to police data. The assistance has been lower in Pamplona, ​​with just 200 people, double that in the Asturian, Oviedo, which has gathered a hundred attendees.


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