May 27, 2020

More than 3,000 interns see their position jeopardized with the new OPE – La Provincia

The Canary Islands Interim Coordinator estimates that "about 3,000 workers with this condition of the Canary Health Service (SCS), sanitary and non-sanitary, may lose their position in public health before the greater Public Offer of Employment of the Canary Islands "that is being discussed today at the Sectorial Table with the unions.

"We," explains the group in a statement, "many with more than 20 and 25 years of service, are not to blame for the opposition in Health are eternal. The last was in 2007 and this has created a bag of interim now they can stay in the street after two hours of exam. "

Remember that "we are 40% of the total workforce in the SCS, which has the highest temporality of all public services in the Canary Islands". And they value that, we are the workers who are continuously in contact with patients and users in hospitals and health centers. Those of us who take out the work daily, often in unfortunate conditions, overcoming ourselves to exhaustion to give good service to those who are not to blame for the staff cuts that we suffer very often. "

"We want to transmit to the population – they continue – that if the Canary Government or the Ministry of Health does not seek a way out of this situation, we will have no choice but to take all the necessary measures to defend our jobs. We apologize for what may happen if this serious problem is not resolved. "

Maria, one of those affected, says that, in her case, "they are 18 years of interim. I will not say in what specialty but anyone is worth: Anatomy, Radiology, Dialysis, Operating Rooms … And the same goes for the large hospitals, in Las Palmas or in Tenerife: Doctor Negrín, Insular, La Candelaria or the HUC ".

"The problems – he explains – are the lack of personnel and adaptation to a position that we sometimes do not know at all. The substitutions mean starting from scratch and a delay in the service of sensitive areas such as Oncology." And he concludes by saying that "it is similar in Administration. We want a fair opposition for all in which the experience counts but without limit in the 12 years. Really and completely."

Also, the headquarters of the Ministry of Health of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will host today the celebration of the Sectorial Table in the presence of the counselor, Teresa Cruz, and the main unions. The agenda highlights "the management of the 107 calls for selective processes and transfer competitions that come from the current OPEs (2016, 2017, 2018 plus the temporary employment stabilization OPE)". Also, the scale of merits for Specialist Area Physicians (FEA) and nursing assistants will be analyzed.

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