December 5, 2020

More than 290,000 dependency workers mobilized by a new agreement

More than 290,000 workers in the dependency sector have been summoned today to mobilize in the absence of an agreement, after almost a year of negotiations with the employer, in relation to the state agreement for care services for dependents of 2019.

CCOO and UGT have summoned the workers to concentrate before the CEOE headquarters of the different autonomous communities to demand the improvement of the working and salary conditions of the personnel that take care of the dependent people.

As explained to the Secretary General of FSS-CCOO, Antonio Cabrera, the mobilizations are "by a fair and dignified agreement that recognizes the workloads that workers have and that guarantees the 14,000 euros per year that they are not now."

"We hold employers responsible for their myopia when negotiating the agreement and the central government that violates the law of the Unit in terms of financing," he added.

The union leader recalled that the majority of workers in this sector, more than 60 percent, "are gerocultoras and auxiliary home help who charge an average of 13,500 euros per year gross, just under 900 euros for 40 hours per week" .

"In the case of home help there are many partial hourly contracts and there are people who have trouble going to work because they have to pay for transportation from one house to another, where they work very short hours," he said. concluded.

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