More than 200,000 people receive the second dose of AstraZeneca in a week

AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines.

AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines.
Eduardo Parra - Europa Press

More than 200,000 people have been immunized with the second dose of AstraZeneca during the last week, when the autonomous communities have resumed the process of vaccination of essential professionals under 60 years of age. The vaccination of this group of professionals (police, teachers or firefighters) has generated controversy because the health authorities have prescribed the second prick with Pfizer, instead of continuing with AstraZeneca, a position criticized by several communities, in favor of not combining vaccines, and that allow choosing a drug if consent is signed.

Thus, several regional councils have ensured that this group of professionals prefer AstraZeneca for its second dose, once last Tuesday, May 25, Andalusia and Murcia reactivated this campaign of second punctures, which has subsequently been extended to the rest of the territories. Since then, according to the report on the vaccination strategy of the Ministry of Health, 213,093 more people already have two doses of this preparation, which has been punctured at a rate of 30,000 daily, and which corresponds to the group of professionals fundamentally essential. And it is that AstraZeneca only inoculates over 60, but in this group the first doses are still being administered, because this vaccine requires an interval of 12 to 14 weeks that have not yet been completed.

When vaccination among those under 60 years of age was suspended in early April, almost two million Spaniards already had an AstraZeneca puncture. According to the latest Health report, up to now 5,149,622 doses of the vaccine of this pharmaceutical company, 86.2% of the total doses delivered and of which there are still 825,778 vials to be administered in the coming weeks, awaiting the shipment of 1.3 million that arrives this morning to be available first time this Thursday between the departments of the branch. This pharmaceutical company is in dispute with the European Commission over supply problems in the agreed quantities.

But far above the weight of the strategy is Pfizer, since more than eight million Spaniards have the complete regimen with this preparation, and 11,149,880 have at least one dose.

Data by communities

From the outset, the Community of Madrid has recommended the choice of AstraZeneca following the indications of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the technical sheet of the pharmacist itself, opposing the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which advised a second dose of Pfizer. The choice of AstraZeneca has been the majority in this community, being chosen by more than 95% of those mentioned, according to the regional health authorities.

In Andalusia, almost 96% of those mentioned have decided to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca, as well as the Balearic Islands with 87% and Cantabria, where the percentage is 96%.

In Castilla y León, out of 8,764 workers called for the second dose, 97% chose not to mix both brands and opted to follow the line of the other communities.


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