More than 2,000 people demonstrate in Salamanca against uranium mine

More than 2,000 people demonstrate in Salamanca against uranium mine

More than 2,000 people, according to the organizers, have supported today in Vitigudino (Salamanca) a demonstration against the project of the uranium mine of Retortillo, convened by the farmers of the province, with the support in addition to the platform Stop Uranium and 42 Municipalities of the west of Salamanca.

The demonstration has toured the streets of the town since 13.00 hours with placards against the mine and slogans such as: "No to the mine, yes to life", "Salamanca cattle, never mine", "No to the mine that kills and contaminates "and" Berkeley mining the charro field outside. "

Both at the exit of the demonstration and at the arrival, in the Plaza Mayor, José Pinto, cattle farmer of Casillas de Flores (Salamanca) and member of the "Los Lobos" team of the "Boom" contest, which has supported the demonstration, intervened. He has called on politicians to reject the bill and has reminded citizens of the strength of their "votes" before the May elections.

For the mayor of Peralejos de Abajo and livestock, Alfonso Castilla Roso, this demonstration can be a turning point, since it is the first summoned by agrarian unions and other livestock organizations, and supported by municipal representatives, regardless of their political party, has explained to Efe.

Castilla Roso has shown its position against the uranium mine, since they want to "continue to maintain" their natural environment as they have always known ".

"If to sheep's milk, meat beef, to all the great products we have in the area, we add the uranium surname, I think the area totally collapses," he said.

He has also argued that the administrations "give one lime and one sand" and must "keep fighting" if they really believe in that region and in a common project "that does not pass through the mine, there are other ways to develop the region", he has defended.

For his part, the mayor Villavieja de Yeltes, Jorge Rodriguez, explained that 42 municipalities have participated in the demonstration because they have realized that the project of the uranium mine in Campo Charro is "of very low reliability, has made water in a myriad of sites. "

From Stop Uranio, Jesus Cruz, said: "now is when we have more confidence that this project is not going to take place", and added that "it can not be that in any country in Europe a uranium mine is authorized and that in Retortillo, echoing a 1975 law, could be authorized. "

Among the protesters was also José Sarrión, Procurador de Izquierda Unida in the Cortes of Castilla y León and leader of that formation in the Community, who has defended that "the Berkeley project has its days numbered" and that "the PP has remained alone in Castilla y León. "

For Sarrión, it is going to be seen "the defeat of a multinational company thanks to the mobilization of thousands of cattle ranchers".


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