More than 200 works compete for the Azorín Prize, which is announced on May 13

Alicante, May 4 (EFE) .- A total of 208 original works from around the world compete for the 2021 Azorín Novel Prize, endowed with 45,000 euros and which will be decided on May 13 at a gala to be held in the Auditorium of the Diputación de Alicante (ADDA), according to a statement from this institution.

The ceremony in which the award is granted, convened by the Alicante Provincial Council and Editorial Planeta, was postponed this year from its traditional date (March) due to the covid-19 pandemic and in this edition it will take place with capacity limitation.

In addition, attendees must wear masks and the indications established within the covid prevention measures decreed by the authorities will be followed. The ADDA staff will inform the public of the protocols and the authorized routes of passage.

Of the 208 works presented this year, 169 correspond to Spain; eight, to North America; another eight to South America; six, to Europe, and one, to Oceania, while sixteen of the works have no specific origin.

The distribution, by province, of the 169 national manuscripts is as follows: Alicante (26), Asturias (6), Badajoz (1), Baleares (6), Barcelona (13), Cáceres (2), Cádiz (2), Cantabria (4), Castellón (8), Ciudad Real (1), Córdoba (4), Gipuzkoa (1), Girona (1), Granada (3), Guadalajara (1), Huesca (2), Jaén (3) , Canary Islands (2), León (1), Lleida (1), Madrid (30), Malaga (4), Murcia (7), Navarra (3), Palencia (1), Pontevedra (4), Salamanca (1 ), Seville (4), Tarragona (3), Valencia (14), Valladolid (2), Zamora (1), Zaragoza (7).

The jury is made up of the first vice president and deputy for Culture, Julia Parra Aparicio (will act as president), the writer Juan Eslava Galán, the writer Luz Gabás, the writer and PhD in Economics and Philosophy Reyes Calderón, the professor of Language and Literature Concepción Lucas González, the professor of Language and Literature Isabel Tomás Maestre and the director of Editorial Planeta, Belén López.

The general secretary of the Alicante Provincial Council, Amparo Koninchx Frasquet, will act as secretary without vote.

After the success obtained in social networks in previous years thanks to the Twitter label related to the Azorín Award, the ceremony will also be able to be followed this year through said social network, using # azorin2021, according to the press release.

Since the first awardee in 1994, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, have received the award, among many others, Luis Racionero (1996), Dulce Chacón (2000), the Colombian Ángela Becerra (2005), Jon Juaristi (2007), the Cuban Zoe Valdés (2013), Fernando Delgado (2015), Espido Freire (2017), actress Nuria Gago (2018), Valencian Joaquín Camps (2019) and Antena 3 journalist Mónica Carrillo (2020).


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