More than 14 million vaccinations in June lead to 36.9% of those immunized

A man receives the vaccine against covid-19.

A man receives the vaccine against covid-19.
Josemar Antunes / TheNEWS2 via ZUM / DPA

The vaccination campaign in June it closes with 14,160,262 punctures, the highest monthly figure since its inception half a year ago, and with just over half the immunization goal for the summer (70% of the population) already met, that is, 36.9% with the complete vaccine. According to the data of Ministry of Health, June began with 9,405,245 immunized (19.8% of the population) and has increased at the end of the month to 17,519,587 with the complete vaccine, 36.9% of the population. This figure means that just over a third of the population in Spain already has full protection of the vaccines against covid-19.

The month of June has closed with important milestones: 10 million immunized in the first week of June, record days above 700,000 punctures a day and a weekly average of more than 3 million inoculated doses (3.5 million in the last of this month), with which Spain is close to the maximums foreseen by the Government, which range between 3.5 and 4 million serums every seven days. However, this month some goals set by the Government were belatedly reached, such as that of 15 million citizens with the full guideline. The chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, calculated that this figure would be reached in the week of June 14, but it happened a few days later, specifically on June 23.

The latest data from Health, at the end of June, indicate that 25,320,606 citizens, 53.4% ​​of the population, already have a puncture and therefore a shield against covid-19, although the health authorities insist in the rush to administer the complete schedule as soon as possible in a scenario of advance of variants such as the delta, mainly in age groups in which the vulnerability to the coronavirus may be greater, as in the case of those over 40 years of age.

Ahead, that is, in this month of July, Spain It must finish vaccinating the 12.6 million citizens over 40 years of age who are awaiting a second dose or receiving the first puncture (8.8 million have the first dose and 3.8 million have not yet been vaccinated). The latest data from the Ministry of Health show that 85.7% of those over 40 years of age have inoculated some dose and 53.3% the complete vaccineAlthough in groups such as 60 to 69 years, for example, there is still a large percentage of people awaiting the second dose, since only 47% are immunized. For this reason, several communities decided this month to advance the second puncture to those in their sixties because they are mostly vaccinated with AstraZeneca, which has a serum-serum pattern of up to 12 weeks, compared to 28 days for Pfizer or Modern Even in the 50 to 59 age group there are more protected with the complete vaccine (74% in total), while just over 87% already have at least one puncture.

In this context, the macro outbreak of coronavirus caused by end-of-year trips to Mallorca, as well as to other destinations, has caused some communities, given the incessant increase in infections among unvaccinated groups, to have chosen to accelerate plans to start immunizing those under 30 years in July, so some territories have already opened the self-citation system.

The data on infections in Spain indicate that the pandemic adds 9,227 new positives this Wednesday and 46 more deaths, with a new increase in the incidence at 14 days to 106 (10 points more), than in the case of the group of young people from Between 20 and 29 years old it amounts to 297 (251 yesterday) and in those between 12 and 19 years old it is placed at extreme risk with 287 (243).

This Wednesday, after the Interterritorial Health Council that was held in person in the Senate, the head of Health, Carolina Darias, has called for prudence to all citizens and "especially to younger people" who it has not yet been vaccinated "to continue keeping the virus at bay" in a period in which mobility increases during the summer months of summer. He stressed that the vaccination is over six months with "spectacular data" and "reaching milestones", he insisted that vaccinating "is the roadmap to that new normal" and recalled that this week more than 6.6 will arrive. million doses that will be added to the 4.4 million that the communities have in the refrigerators.


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