More than 100,000 sanctioned for breaching the curfew in Ecuador

More than 100,000 people have been sanctioned for failing to comply with the curfew in Ecuador, according to the schedules established in the so-called epidemiological traffic light, which governs the country for a gradual de-escalation of the restriction measures imposed due to the coronavirus.

The Government Minister, María Paula Romo, detailed this Monday that 106,701 people have been punished, while 7,935 received a second penalty.

According to the Ministry of Government, the first sanction carries a fine of one hundred dollars and the second a unified salary (400 dollars), while the third represents the arrest of people.

25% of servants of certain public institutions return today to the face-to-face working day in Quito, in what becomes one more step in the de-escalation with the gradual and coordinated lifting of the restrictions, in force with the state of emergency on 16 of March.

According to the Ministry of Labor, public employees of certain institutions resume their face-to-face work activities in the Metropolitan District of Quito, who provide care to the user and / or who, due to the nature of their work activity, are not eligible for teleworking.

The attention to the citizenship will be carried out at the time indicated by the public institution prior to the declared health emergency, "having to respect the shifts, capacity and provisions" established at the beginning of May, "and not exceeding 25% of the total number of servers each institution in face-to-face work, arranged.

In the early hours, some citizens reported certain problems to access public transport, which circulates with restrictions and with a decrease in capacity.

The Ecuadorian capital has been at a yellow light since June 3, at which time contagions have increased, which is why the city's mayor, Jorge Yunda, has expressed his concern.

"Unfortunately we are not understanding the serious danger to which we are exposed as a city, the health services are no longer there, we will have to evaluate making decisions, no matter how hard they are," he warned the weekend on Twitter, without going into details.

On his side, the government minister reported that this Monday he will hold a meeting with Yunda and the health minister, Juan Carlos Zevallos, "to review the situation in Quito and, from there, approve new epidemiological traffic light rules."

According to official figures based on PCR and rapid tests, in Ecuador there are 55,255 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,429 deaths from the disease, as well as another 3,065 probable by COVID-19.

According to the PCR test data, in the province of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, there are 6,983 cases, which represents 15.1 percent of the national total.


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