January 26, 2021

More than 100 models sign a letter against the “misogynist” culture of Victoria’s Secret and ask to protect workers

About 100 models have signed this pour a letter in which it is denounced that the “misogynist” and “intimidation” culture of Victoria’s Secret underwear brand, exposed last weekend in a New York Times report, It is outrageous”. The Times investigation reflects the allegations of several women workers about the misogyny and harassment of L Brands marketing director Ed Razek until leaving office in August 2019.

“We wrote today because the New York Times investigative report shows that the misogynist, intimidation and harassment culture in Victoria’s Secret is even more outrageous and more entrenched than previously thought,” reads the text, signed by models like Christy Turlington Burns, Amber Valletta or Iskra Lawrence.

The letter was promoted by the organization “The Model Alliance”, which promotes the equal treatment of women workers and ensures that the group asked Victoria’s Secret and its parent company, L Brands, for five months, immediate changes in the treatment, but that the company “refused to act.” Specifically, the letter recalls the case of an old public relations brand, Casey Crowe Taylor, who told the New York Times that the abuse was “accepted as normal,” and that anyone who tried to do something against it “not only was ignored, “but also” was punished. “

“This is deeply disturbing but not surprising, since we have seen similar cases on many occasions in the industry,” says the text, also signed by several organizations, including Time’s Up. In addition, he points out that when The Model Alliance met the past September with the head of communications of L Brands, Tammy Roberts Myers, “it was very clear” that “Victoria’s Secret does not take such complaints seriously.”

“It is time for ‘Vitoria’s Secret’ to act and protect the people from whom it benefits. Human rights violations cannot be stopped with a corporate exercise of makeover,” he adds.

Marketing Director Research

The Times investigative report points out that L Brands marketing director Ed Razek, one of the top leaders of the popular annual “Victoria’s Secret” parade, promoted a “rooted misogynistic culture of intimidation and harassment” before leaving Your position in August 2019.

According to the information of the reputed medium, Razek, 71, was dedicated to observe how the models changed during the parades of the underwear brand, he sexually hinted on numerous occasions and came to tell the supermodel Bella Hadid that he had some “perfect tits”. It is also reported that he asked some employees to sit on his knees and placed his hand on the crotch of one of them when he waited for his turn to parade in 2018.

Razek, on the other hand, has denied the accusations in an email sent to the New York Times: “The accusations in this information are flatly false, have been misunderstood and taken out of context.” “I have been fortunate to work with countless top-notch models and talented professionals, and I am very proud of the existing mutual respect,” he added.

L Brands, on the other hand, has responded to the “Model Alliance” statement stating that it shares the objective of “ensuring the well-being of the models”, and recalls having implemented new measures in the photo sessions for it since May 2019. ” We are proud of the progress we have made and remain committed to continuous improvement. We are always open to communicate with those who want to introduce improvements in the sector, “he says.


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