More than 100 journalists claim their contribution to the arrival of democracy

More than 100 journalists claim their contribution to the arrival of democracy

More than 100 informants, 50 photographers and several cartoonists have "twinned" in "The journalists were there to tell", a book in which they claim how journalism contributed to the arrival of democracy and the improvement of Spain after the dictatorship.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, those who dedicated themselves to narrate and photograph the changes that were taking place in the country before, during and after the Transition took the voice in this book. Journalists and photojournalists born between 1938 and 1958.

"Journalists have been present in many of the things that have made history in this country in these 40 years, which have been 40 years of frantic history (…) It is not a history book, it is a book of personal testimonies , of stories of the journalists who were there, "the coordinator of the work, Fernando Jáuregui, told Efe.

The journalist has clarified that it is not a nostalgic look, to ensure that any past time was better, but a "vindicating look" of the role of journalism, of the relevance of freedom of expression.

"Some of us paint the things we tell, there was a way of doing journalism that consisted of collaborating for the arrival of democracy, to improve things. (…) The book is a cry for freedom of expression," he underlined. Jáuregui.

The publication, which is presented tomorrow at the Congress of Deputies, contains personal stories, revelations, anecdotes from, among others, Iñaki Gabilondo, Victoria Prego, Luis del Olmo, Luis María Ansón, Juan Luis Cebrián, Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Karmentxu Marín , José Oneto, Pedro J. Ramírez or Manuel Campo Vidal.

María Teresa Campos, Soledad Gallego Díaz, Carmelo Encinas, Alfredo Relaño, Diego Carcedo, Juan Cruz, Pedro Piqueras, Nativel Preciado, Pilar Cernuda, Fernando Ónega, Olga Viza, Paco Lobatón, Carlos Herrera and Andrés Aberasturi have also participated in "The journalists we were there to tell it "(Teófilo Comunicación).

"The merit has been to include journalists of all tendencies, including some who did not get along, but here we have all gotten together," said Jáuregui.


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