More questions in the case of Emiliano Sala | sports

More questions in the case of Emiliano Sala | sports

The disappearance without clarification of the Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala, on Monday night while flying over the Channel on a plane, has created an unprecedented litigation in the recent history of world football. The Argentine striker, 28 years old, had committed himself to Cardiff City, club of the Premier League, on Saturday, January 19, that is, two days before the tragedy. His transfer from Nantes cost 17 million euros. But the terrible event has led the owners of the Welsh club to freeze the first payment of the transaction pending the resolution of the investigation into the event.

Two days after the British police decided to close the matter, Sala's family managed to reactivate on Saturday the search for Emiliano and David Ibboston, the pilot, thanks to the contribution of more than 300,000 euros from donations. The collection has allowed a private company specializing in high seas search tasks to continue tracking.

The English oceanographer David Mearns has been responsible for carrying out the private operation. Two lifeboats left on Saturday for the probable plane crash, near the Guernsey Islands, in the English Channel. A third had to join them yesterday. Thanks to the money collected, the mission of Mearns could last about 10 days.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Cardiff City is studying the possibility of taking the case to court before the hypothesis that "a negligence could have caused the accident". "The Cardiff detailed in depth its position, we have not had anything to do with the organization of the trip", wields a source of the Welsh club. "We asked the player if he wanted us to make arrangements for his trip, which would have been perfectly in a commercial flight, but he rejected our offer and preferred to do it on his own," Mehmet Dalman, the president of the entity, said on Wednesday. Mark McKay, an agent close to the player, admitted on Friday that he had been in charge of chartering the Piper PA-46 Malibu, in which Emiliano Sala traveled between Nantes, where he had gone to say goodbye to his former teammates, and Cardiff, his destination. But he said that the flight had no commercial character. The newspaper The Times He published that same day that Ibbotson, the pilot, did not have a permit to transport passengers for money.

In the circumstances still unclear about the disappearance of the player, Cardiff City would have decided to postpone the first of three payments of the transfer. A lot of money would be at stake. As for every transfer of professional footballers, as established by FIFA rules, the Welsh club had to take out insurance in case of serious injury or illness. The amount of the compensation would correspond to the purchase price or estimated value of the player, that is, about 17 million euros. But the transaction also includes payment of the player's salary, which had signed a three-year contract, and a series of commissions for the agents, as well as a series of sports awards.

In total, the operation was shot to Cardiff City to 34 million euros. Yesterday, the Nantes did not answer the call of EL PAÍS on the matter. The leaders of the Welsh set already assured that they would unblock the payment as soon as the investigation determines the responsibilities in the disappearance of Room.

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