Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

More problems for Boeing with the 737 Max

More problems for Boeing with the 737 Max

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Caused by one of the biggest crises in its history, Boeing He works at forced marches to solve the problems of his model 737 Max, on land for two weeks as a result of two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia caused, apparently, by similar failures that cost the lives of more than 350 people. A week ago, the American manufacturer announced that it had implemented improvements in the device software that would be immediately forwarded to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) for approval. However, the company, through a statement, has now admitted that it needs more time and that it will send "the next few weeks" the package of computer improvements to the FAA. "We are working to demonstrate that we have adequately identified and implemented all certification requirements and will send it for review to the FAA once they are completed in the coming weeks.", said Boeing, who explained that he will do a "rigorous and methodical" security review before giving his approval before sending the improvements.

Boeing's work focuses on the flight stabilization system of the apparatus, known as MCAS. The first investigations indicate that it would have been this system that would have failed both in the accident in Indonesia and in Thailand. The company has worked on improving its software to prevent erroneous data causing this system to trigger automatically. In addition, it will force pilots to fly the 737 Max to complete 21 days of training under the supervision of an instructor and in a simulator.

Nobody knows how long the 300 devices will remain on land that right now they are forbidden to fly the length and breadth of the world, but it seems they will be, at least, several weeks. Air Canada has decided to extend until July 1 the withdrawal of its fleet of Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which had been fixed until May 31. Southwest Airlines has also announced that it will review its April and May schedule for problems with the Boeing plane. Americans Airlines has acknowledged that it is aware that the resolution of 737 Max's problems may be delayed more than expected and that it is working with all passengers affected by flight cancellations.


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