May 11, 2021

More Pavones than Galactic

More Pavones than Galactic

To be able to compete in the new ecosystem of world football you have to buy before and cheaper, repeats Florentino Pérez again and again. The president prepares Real Madrid for a present and future market governed by petrodollars, with which it is impossible to fight based on a checkbook. To be able to continue in the elite without selling the shield or the name of the stadium you have to capture the young talent, trust it and keep it before it explodes completely and has a galactic price. Under these guidelines has been working for a long time the sports management of Real Madrid, a plan that has already been presented in the Bernabeu's box of honor several young people who at the time of the launch had almost no age to get the card of drive.

The last, Brahim Díaz, who has already played two games in his first week of white and is part of that Madrid sub'23 (see left column) that includes nine players taking into account Vallejo, which injuries They are not allowing you to have opportunities. The center was injured again yesterday muscle and left the training between tears, because every time he sees the light of recovery is broken. Next to him, eight players with minutes this season could play a championship for boys under 23 years. Three of them (Reguilón, Vinicius and Fede Valverde) were holders on Sunday at Villamarín and three others (Ceballos, Brahim and the still castillista Christ) entered the second half. Between the plague of injuries and the low form of some veterans, Solari has not shaken his pulse to give air to the "children" and make an eleven against Betis that does not reach an average age of 27 years. It is a decided bet of the club to be competitive now and in the near future and the coach goes in that direction.

This Real Madrid, without Cristiano and with Bale continuously stopped by the injuries, has less Galactics and more Pavones, either from the quarry or signed before being stars. The best example is Vinicius, claimed almost as a teenager, tanning in Brazil without having to move it from his home and, now, just turned 18, asks for passage in the first team. «He has developed his talent earlier than we expected. It's a happiness for the whole club to have him here, "acknowledges Solari, who was able to breathe a little better thanks to Ceballos' goal. The former Betis has a course and a half at Real Madrid, at 22, learning from Casemiro, Modric and Toni Kroos what it means to be a midfielder in the white team. That was the plan when it was bought, the same as Llorente, the latter always a canterano, which should be the natural replacement of "Case".

Both have suffered theirs since they arrived, but their patience and that of the club begin to pay off. Llorente has exploited as the midfielder organizer who aimed at youth and Ceballos has scored an important goal that will give confidence and minutes. The galactic will come so that the mixture is perfect, but while some arrive and others recover, the boys pull the cart while they grow.


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