April 21, 2021

More Madrid will say yes to Nuevo Norte for "commitment" to the Carmena project

Madrid, July 11 (EFECOM) .- The former town planning councilor of the previous local government, the Mayor of Madrid José Manuel Calvo, has said he will vote in favor of the operation Madrid Norte "for commitment" with a project that took forward Manuela Carmena and to whom the new mayor has only put "the last seal".

Speaking to the press on Thursday after the announcement of the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, that Madrid Nuevo Norte will be approved at the next plenary session, Calvo has indicated that his group will vote yes "for responsibility" and even more "for commitment" with the project that the former mayor Manuela Carmena outlined at the end of her term.

The mayor announced at noon that they will take this operation to the plenary session, without changes regarding the drafting of the plan agreed by Carmena together with the Ministry of Public Works and the private promoter Distrito Castellana Norte.

Calvo has expressed his satisfaction at knowing that the new City Council will take to the plenary session, without modifying it, the project "that worked so hard to process" to the Government of Carmena.

This, he said, "despite the boycott" exercised by the Government of the Community of Madrid, which at the end of the mayoral mandate could have sent the environmental report that would have allowed to approve the project in the last legislature.

The exconcejal of Urbanism has also highlighted the work done with this project in the previous term, without which, now, the new City Council "would be dusting the project of (the former mayor of PP) Ana Botella, estivo about to be approved in 2015 ".

According to Calvo, with the new project "Madrid wins" and "closes an urban wound" in its northern area, where Madrid Nuevo Norte "returned to the city 4,000 public housing compared to the scarce 1,800 raised in previous projects."

The Mayor of Madrid has expressed his desire that the new mayor has "responsibility" with the legacy of the previous government "protecting and taking care of those actions that have improved health and quality of life of Madrid," as Central Madrid.

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